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The Colon Cleanse and Detox Drink: Do They Work? Are They Healthy?

If you’re like most folks, you are probably feeling a little “dirty” after the holidays. And no doubt you’ve seen cleanses all over the place: Total Body Cleanse, Colon Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Extreme Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Alpha Cleanse, etc. And then there are the detox’s: Complete Detox, Liver Detox, Daily Detox, Multi Detox, Detox Multi,[…]

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How to Sell a Diet Plan – What to Do and What Not to Do

There is no excitement in the ideas of balance or moderation. They aren’t sexy or extreme concepts. The results they produce are not dramatically quick. Therefore they are not ideal components of a diet with with strong marketing magnetism. Achieving dietary balance and moderation requires a change in things you can’t see or touch –[…]

So It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet: What Exactly Does that Mean?

You’ve heard the phrase many times before, and you even agree with it. After all, who hasn’t done a particular diet (or many) in the past with nothing to show for it today? You’ve come to believe the experts’ conclusion that permanent weight loss or fitness requires a healthy lifestyle. But perhaps you have never[…]

10 Secrets to Soaring Self Control

Research shows that self control, or willpower, is an essential tool for success in any long-term endeavor that involves the accumulation and execution of particular habits. Improving one’s health and fitness is no exception. So how can we harness more of it? How can we leverage and grow the willpower necessary to overcome the urges[…]

No Time to Workout? 13 Astonishing Facts of the Average American Life’s Clock

As health, fitness, and nutrition coaches, we hear “the time excuse” all the time :) And some people have gotten so good at selling it to themselves, that we almost start buying it. But if we all take a step back and give this idea of “time” some thought, some powerful facts emerge that can[…]

Rank Your Life Balance: It’s Likely Affecting Your Health

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with numerous clients trying to achieve a better quality of life. One thing I’ve noticed is that when an individual’s life becomes significantly unbalanced, their stress levels quickly rise, and their health is negatively impacted. Giving this idea of “life balance” a lot of thought, I decided on[…]

Fitness Psychology: Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, and Change Your Life

We all know that extrinsic motivation doesn’t last long. In takes less than 90 days for the excitement of New Year’s resolutions to wear off. In fact, if you look at fitness gym falloff, statistics imply that the external motivation provided by one’s calendar only lasts about 50 days. A big part of the problem is[…]

11 Chronic Pain Causing Posture Mistakes Made Daily

Pain often gets equated with bouts of physical exertion, but did you realize that most of our pain is caused by our more sedentary activities? We hear a lot about bad posture these days, but most of us don’t realize the severity of the consequences. Muscle imbalances and the resulting abnormal length/tension relationships can really[…]

Still the Best Weight Loss Strategy

I’ve been training people for almost 15 years, and though exercise can accelerate weight loss and make you look and feel good both on your journey and when you get to your weight goal, I can guarantee you that shrinking the stomach and revealing a sculpted body is all about nutrition. . The good news[…]

Gall Bladder and Appendix Removal

Organ Removal “Healing?” Maybe We Should Think Twice Before Ripping Things Out

If you went to your mechanic to get your car fixed, and he suggested that he could repair your dirty air filter by removing your air intake altogether, you’d switch mechanics. If he suggested he could fix your brakes by taking out your master cylinder, you’d call him crazy. If he implied that your tire[…]