Not everything listed first on the left of this exchange list is terrible for you (some are), and not everything listed last on the right is the absolute best for you (some are), but make these easy trades in your diet and watch what happens to your energy, health, weight, and body composition. You may also be surprised by how much your resistance to allergies/illness improves as well. Here’s the list:

  • cereal for oatmeal
  • dairy milk for almond milk
  • dressing for vinegar
  • potatoes for yams
  • rice for quinoa
  • juice for the fruit
  • dressing for dry
  • refined sugar for local honey
  • pudding for yogurt
  • cool whip for cottage cheese
  • energy bars for protein bars
  • soybeans for black beans
  • carbonated soda for purified water
  • white bread for whole-grain bread
  • modified corn for organic corn
  • vegetable oil for olive oil
  • margarine for butter
  • sugar for cinnamon
  • sweeteners for stevia
  • pork bacon for turkey bacon
  • ground hamburger for ground lamb
  • egg yolks for egg whites
  • shellfish for “scale”-fish
  • soy protein for whey protein