gun in a beer glass

Most 20-something, partying personal trainers pound more beer than all their clients combined, leaving quite the bias on how they present the subject of alcohol to their clients. Though I’m not completely opposed to clients drinking a little here and there, I’m not opposed to stating the truth on the matter either.

One glass of wine per day has been applauded for its health benefits. However, although it’s not as newsworthy, natural grape juice contains the same antioxidants (polyphenols) that protect the cardiovascular system, which are the biggest source of benefit. So if one glass leaves you wanting more, drink the grape juice and avoid the temptation.

Excessive alcohol use increases the risk of a number of diseases: fatty degeneration of the liver, infection of the liver, liver cirrhosis, sleeping disorders, sexual problems, infection of the esophagus, infection of the stomach, infection of the pancreas, premature dementia, cancer of the mouth, throat, larynx, intestines and breasts; hypertension and heart problems. Alcohol is also contributes to pregnancy, traffic, abuse, and crime problems. Considering the workplace, 13% of all employees on sick leave have alcohol problems. Employees with alcohol problems also produce at least 10% less work than their colleagues. So limit the alcohol, and don’t be afraid to drop it altogether. You know it will benefit you.