Because of all the things we eat … yeah … eggs are the problem. Don’t fret the new “study” of 30,000 people’s self-reported data showing a correlation between eggs and heart attacks. (Not a cause and effect) Better controlled studies have already confirmed that dietary cholesterol has minimal impact your blood cholesterol. Furthermore, the consumption of eggs was previously shown to actually lower LDL. Not only are eggs a good source of protein, but they are also a good source of multiple vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, including sulfur, which is great for the joints, and choline, which is good for the brain.

brown eggs in wooden ball

Studies from years past have proven that egg consumption speeds the loss of body fat – probably because it’s a much better option than the carb-heavy items folks typically reach for during breakfast. Now, if you want to avoid antibiotics etc, eat organic eggs. But controversial studies with questionable and biased agendas will certainly be more newsworthy. Hear about the story that proved donuts or Frosted Flakes increase risk of heart disease? Of course not – it doesn’t go against established science enough to make the viral news circuit. We had a big vitamin e scare a few years ago, if you recall. Before that, it was calcium that was evil. Before that, it was vitamin C. In a year or so, I wouldn’t be surprised to see apples being correlated to diabetes. Just wait :)