Surgical gloves

If you went to your mechanic to get your car fixed, and he suggested that he could repair your dirty air filter by removing your air intake altogether, you’d switch mechanics. If he suggested he could fix your brakes by taking out your master cylinder, you’d call him crazy. If he implied that your tire problem would go away if he took your wheels off, you’d laugh at him.

Yet … so may people hand over organs to the “mechanics” that work on our bodies. See what you might be missing, along with a quick mention of some of their important functions, in this unfortunate list of common removals:

Tonsils – help lymphatic system catch infection that enters mouth

Adenoids – house white blood cells that aid lymphatic system & catch infection that enters nose (most important during growing years)

Appendix – produces hormones that help maintain homeostasis, and introduces white blood cells to the fighting of foreign material in gastrointestinal tract

Gall bladder – produces & houses bile which emulsifies fats and works with the stomach and pancreas for proper digestion

Kidney – filter blood, balance electrolytes, help make red blood cells that carry vital oxygen

Spleen – filters aged red blood cells and houses important immune cells that respond to injury and infection

Colon- absorbs important nutrients like vitamin K, B vitamins, and others. Also secretes minerals & protects body by removing waste

Ovaries- in females: secrete estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, which regulate and balance a multitude of functions

So, as an example, what if you are a female who’s fortunate enough to still have your kidneys and spleen, but you are living without tonsils, adenoids, an appendix, gallbladder, or ovaries?

Well, it’s kind of like driving a car with no air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel injectors, catalytic converter, or main computer.

The engine, transmission, body, and wheels are still there …. But a little bad air, a little bad fuel, less than perfect weather with the perfect temperature … and you run terribly with all kinds misfires. You feel like crap. You only enjoy the days that seem to luckily fit the last set of instructions your late computer had programmed.

If you recognize this, kudos to you, because you are on your way to discovering what works and doesn’t work for you. Most of us, however, buy into the lie that says the more we modify our body from it’s original design … through surgery, drugs, and treatments, the more we can get away with. Ha! It’s quite the opposite in reality.

You may no longer notice those swollen tonsils because you took them out, but all that junk is still (or now) going straight down the throat. You may not have appendicitis anymore because the organ is gone, but the toxins that once inflamed it are now focused in your intestines. You may not have gallstones anymore because gave it to a surgeon, but the chemical imbalances that created them are still occurring.

We know that scooping the dead fish out of an aquarium doesn’t purify the tainted water that killed them. So why do we think so fallaciously about ourselves?

I propose that the more of your original design that you have altered or removed, the MORE important it is to exercise regularly, eat right, get proper sleep, breathe clean air, eliminate toxicity, avoid poisonous chemicals, etc.

In summary, “conventional” medicine and “alternative” medicine wear ironic labels, which in my humble opinion, cannot swap places soon enough. Wouldn’t the “block, inhibit, cut, poison, burn” strategies of “conventional” medicine be better labeled as last-ditch alternatives? And wouldn’t fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, oils, rest, water, exercise, oxygen, massage, sunshine, and sleep … be better labeled as conventions?

Now I understand that there are situations in which we allow the toxicity of a given body part to reach such levels that the condition presents an acute and immediate extreme danger the life of the person. Not currently knowing a better way to save them, it is more prudent to do what we know and can do, than to do nothing. However, in my research, many of these removals are not of the emergency and life-threatening variety, and seldom is anyone ever advised to attempt to improve anything through lifestyle modifications prior to such extreme procedures. Rather, people are methodically herded through a contrived and profitable process of laying their bodies down like lemmings on a table, and handing over valuable organs commonly thought to be results or “leftovers” from some random evolutionary process. That’s sad in my book.

Call me crazy, but it’s just the way I see it all. Regardless, thank you reading this much of this man’s iPhone-typed and probably typo-filled “wellness rant.” I hope you have happy, healthy, and strong 2014!

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