Average Graph

The average American is overweight, has no college degree, makes about 32,000 per year, will go through at least one divorce, and will not live past the age of 78. Death will probably come by way of heart disease. Now why would you want to be simply average? Don’t be a “C student” when it comes to your life and your health. You can continue to make excuses, but that doesn’t change the consequence. Embrace the popular slogan and “just do it.” You won’t necessarily “feel like it” until you’ve been at it for a while. But don’t worry, the feelings with follow soon. Believe it or not, you will eventually enjoy not only the benefits of being healthy but also the process! If you aren’t making it happen on your own, do something else the average American doesn’t do – hire a personal trainer. That’s how you avoid the “average condition.” Do what above-average people do.