Eliminate Excess Estrogen

Limit the estrogen. Now before you go calling me a sexist pig, lol, hear me out. Estrogen is a fat-promoting hormone. We all (including men) need a little bit of it to start the fat burning process. But after we get a healthy amount (a small amount for men, a little more for women), an excessive will only tell our bodies to store more fat. And indeed, there is a BIG problem of excess estrogen in our society.

Estrogen mimicking hormones are everywhere. It starts with soy. 93% of the soy consumed in the USA is now genetically modified. How much this affects our estrogen problem vs. organic unmodified soy is being debated. But make no mistake, this stuff can throw off your hormone balance. It can make both men and women much softer, in more ways than one.

Ditch the soy milk. Buy almond milk instead. And watch out for soybean oil, which likes to make its way into so many of your processed, packaged foods. Of course, you are staying away from those now after my other email, so no worries there, right?

Soy is not the end of it, unfortunately. Estrogen mimickers are in household cleaning products, soft plastics, and cosmetics too. Ironic, isn’t it? The things we are doing to look and feel better are actually making us worse. It may be worth the money to use non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products as well as cosmetics. And of course, avoid plastic surgery – when’s the last time anyone has actually looked better after that, anyway? You want hormones on your side when it comes to hitting your goals. Fighting them is no fun.