heart attack dallas.pngI was sitting in my living room working on getting hundreds of CD’s imported onto my computer, so I could leave that now old school space-robbing technology behind. (yes, even CD’s are now old fashioned, lol)

After all, we were preparing the house for our first baby  and we needed to clear room!  My mother-in-law had come over to help my wife make a bunch of little banana nut muffins for Jamie to munch on through the labor process.

The phone rings. My mother-in-law answers. “Oh no! I am SO sorry …”

You can only hear one side of the conversation, but you immediately know that something terrible has happened.

After a few minutes, she hangs up the phone and from the living room, I can hear Jamie and her mother praying in the kitchen for their friend. (nice to know you have people in your life that will pray for you, for real, at the drop of a hat in your moment of need)

When they are finished, I find out that my mother-in-law’s friend’s brother has just had a heart attack and is going in for open-heart surgery.

I don’t know about you, but it’s moments like these where my health and fitness becomes very serious. It is said that you never appreciate your health until the day that you lose it.

Memories came flooding back regarding one of my best friend’s from high school.

He lost his dad at the age of 56. His mom will tell you that 10 minutes before he dropped dead of a heart attack, he was telling his wife how excited he was to enter the next phase of their life together.

The last of their kids had recently achieved his independence, and they were getting to have fun together much like when they first started dating … only better … because now they had grandkids!

A moment later she would be calling 911 as he lay motionless on the floor. For him, there was no open-heart surgery. There was no tomorrow. The result was apparent, and he wasn’t coming back.

A wife would lose her husband, 2 sons would lose their father, a daughter would lose her daddy, and grandkids would never again crawl up on grandpa’s lap.

Back to the brother of my mother-in-law’s friend. They found complete blockage of his right coronary artery. We are waiting on further information.

Now that’s a lot of heavy-hearted material for an email from me. I realize that. But here’s the good news:

This stuff doesn’t have to happen!

Stories like this seemed to flow through the church where I grew up, almost every other week. It’s one of the big reasons that drove me into preventive health and fitness.

Don’t become another tragic story. Don’t let your loved ones become another tragic story.

Make your health a priority. Make your fitness part of your everyday routine.

We all think that we can save ourselves tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. Life is precious, and your quality of life is precious … and not just to you, but to your loved ones as well.

There is debate over who exactly this quote came from, but the words within are quite powerful. I’ll leave it with you, and hopefully it will motivate you to take action and start taking care of yourself.

If you need help, we are here for you. All you have to do is reach out and ask! Here’s that quote I mentioned. Take it to heart. (and take care of yours)

“The trouble is … we think we have time.”