Health and Fitness Seminars

Does your group, club, church, team, living center, neighborhood, community, or company want to learn how to improve their quality of life? Our experienced professionals can come to your location and speak on a variety of health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness subjects. We are passionate about sharing helpful information that can transform people.

Popular topics include:

  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: The Psychology of Fitness Success
  • Better with Age: How to Be Stronger Next Year, and Have Less Pain than Last Year
  • Your Delicate Metabolism: How Food, Stress, & Chemicals Can Make it or Break It
  • Unnecessary Punishment: 11 Legal Food Ingredients that are Against the Law of Your Body
  • Little Time, Big Results: The Minimum Effective Dose of Exercise
  • Type II Diabetes: Disease Progression, Prevention, and Reversal
  • The Weekly Weight Balance Equation: 10 Ways to See Positive Change on the Scale
  • All About Supplements: the Good, the Bad, the Worthless, and the Dangerous
  • True Wellness: What the Bible Tells Us About Health, Fitness, & Nutrition
  • Secrets of Natural Health and Fitness: Revealing the Strategies of Our Most Successful Clients
Health Fitness Nutrition Wellness Speaker Dallas

Here’s what Some of our Seminar Coordinators Have Said:

“Tom and Jamie were great to work with for an event we hosted for a foster placement agency.  The agency wanted the parents to learn more about how health and wellness could impact a lot of the behavioral problems and chemical imbalances many foster children suffer from.  Tom took the time to learn what issues needed to be addressed and gave the foster parents solid advice and information to help them understand the cause and affect of what we put in our bodies to help improve the lives of the children in their care.”

– Gaela H.

“Everyone learned a lot from Thomas’ presentation. The Living Well Committee looks forward to Thomas coming back to Robson with more interesting topics for us.”

– Susan Hebert of Robson Ranch Retirement Community

“Thank your for coming to our club this week.  Your presentation was awesome and very informative.   I know that our Club members really enjoyed it.”

– Todd B. of Rotary Club Plano

“Our club enjoyed Thomas’ speech. We found his philosophy to be fresh and fun.”

– Ginger M.

“This was so beneficial and interesting. I hope you can come back with more topics.”

– Cindy P. of E3 Partners

Notes from Client Attendees of Our Speaking Events:

This thank you is long overdue but has been on my mental to-do list ever since the lunch!  THANK YOU both for hosting such a lovely afternoon for your clients.  The venue and food were excellent, the awards presentation and your speeches- so thoughtful and inspiring.  I’m probably one of your newest clients and yet was moved to tears.  I truly love seeing people pursue their passions using their God given gifts, all the while giving Him the glory.  It has been a wonderful experience and I am grateful to have met you both!”

– Laurel M.

“It was lovely meeting other clients and bonding over similar successes and challenges… This will be a motivating factor to work even harder in 2014, while reminding me that I am not alone on his journey! Thank you for always going above and beyond for me! You have transformed every area of my life. I am truly grateful!”

– Laurel M.

“I just wanted to say how much Tina and I enjoyed the luncheon yesterday. The success story about your client afflicted with MD was particularly riveting. Her comments and appreciation of you and her trainer were inspiring and revealing. It revealed the deep motivation for what you and your team do and why you do it. Y’all are the real deal. I feel lucky for myself and anyone associated with you and Elect Wellness. Thanks again for giving me and others the path back to better health. I wish you and your company the greatest success.”

– Patricia V.

“Receiving a “Find Life” award was a complete surprise and your kind words were overwhelming. While it seemed like only a short time ago we begin this journey hearing your story today reminds me that it has been a long road. I realized that by taking it one day at a time I now have a new life. There were many powerful stories today I know you all must feel great joy in your accomplishments in people’s lives. Thank you again for today and all the days the past year. It is wonderful to be part of this special community.”

– Patricia V.

More Comments from Others After Seminars:

“I really enjoyed the seminar, as health and fitness are passions of mine.”

I thought it was well done with lots of good info for everyone to take away.

“The most … analogy is perfect. Practice good health decisions most of the time. That’s all you need to do to be healthy. It’s not an all or nothing like many think or perceive.”

“I like that it’s educational and not a sales pitch. I appreciate the information given and the testimonials make it real.”

Speaking Engagements Start at $1000

Total Investment dependent upon your location and desired length of speaking engagement. Engagement must be booked a minimum of 30 days prior to event.