Perhaps you are as weird as I am: when you go to change lanes while driving, you see if you can get between those pesky lane marker bumps. Doesn’t it grind on you when the tires and vehicle vibration reveal to you that you have failed even at your self-produced and seemingly easy challenge?

Well here’s how to win that game, and it’s the same secret that will help you avoid the pesky bumps in life when it’s “time to change lanes.”

It’s all about what you are looking at. If you are staring at what you DON’T want to hit, chances become much higher that you’ll hit just that! Next time you are changing lanes with this challenge in mind, look at the SPACES, or “opportunities” in between the obstacles, NOT the obstacles. It’s tough to do at first, but learn to move your eyes off the obstacles and onto the path you want to take, and you’ll be amazed at how well you can stay on track.

Lets bring this discussion off the road and park it on your life for a moment. What are you looking at? Are your eyes glued to some potential problem? Are you focused on what you can’t do? Perhaps you are consumed with what you shouldn’t do?

Instead, flood your vision with potential solutions. Attach your eyes to what you CAN do, and fill your mind with what you SHOULD do.

Ultimately, your focus determines what you WILL do.