Keep it simple sign

You know. some “secrets” in life can be complex – like the 300 pages that snuck into the already 2,000+ page health care bill at 3am the day congress was to vote on it.

And then some secrets are simple – like cutting the capital gains tax to encourage investment and business growth.

Today’s secret is on that simple side. So whether you’ve so far been offended or excited by the illustrations used, here’s a NON-political tip to help you keep the weight down, your energy up, and your blood sugar stable:

“Eat the protein first, & save the starch for last.”

That’s right. Start with the part of your meal that does your metabolism the most good: the protein. Follow that chicken, fish, turkey, yogurt, cottage cheese, or handful of boiled egg whites with fibrous fruits & veggies; then eat the starchy pasta, potato, bread, rice, or even chips (if you must) last. You’ll limit your carbs while barely trying, and guess what? Fewer carbs equals less fuel in your body’s “gas tanks.” Of course, that means your body will have to look elsewhere for fuel … in places like stored body fat. That’s what we want, right? To burn stored body fat? If that’s your desire, then you have to limit the fuel from external sources. This makes that task much easier.

The protein first / starch last order of eating will also help stabilize your blood sugar by reducing the concentration of glucose that enters your blood. Turning off the insulin faucet in this fashion will keep you off the energy roller coaster and help you avoid sugar and caffeine cravings as well.

So next time you hit a restaurant, just order a water while you wait and tell ’em to bring the chips, rolls, tortillas, or whatever the particular fat-promoting “pre-meal” item may be … AFTER the meal. Get a quick salad if you’re dying of hunger. After your meat and veggies, you might not even finish the potato, rice or french fries (did you really?). Chances are you’ll even surprise yourself by rejecting that appetizer you thought you wanted. Congrats, you just saved yourself 1,000 calories and an uncomfortable evening spent in jeans hanging on for dear life. You’re also one step closer to feeling good about how you look this summer!