Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching In The DFW Area

What Clients Say About Our Home-Delivered Fitness:

“I highly recommend this outstanding company!”

- Renee, Personal Training Client

“I highly recommend Elect Wellness if your are looking to make a lifestyle change without feeling deprived!”

- Kristy, Nutrition Coaching Client

“It meets you where you are and starts guiding you in the direction. Simple and small changes over time make a big difference.”

- Kate, Nutrition Coaching Client

“Very convenient service and awesome trainers! I’ve been very pleased with the strength I’ve gained and the holistic health knowledge my trainer brings.”

- Kerri, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“This program absolutely helped me obtain a healthier lifestyle.”

- Kyrie, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“The best thing is it’s not some fad diet but rather more of a retraining on how to eat right.”

- Milt, Nutrition Coaching Client

“Their program has been perfect for keeping me focused on and accountable to my health and physical fitness goals.”

- Trey, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“We are very fortunate to have Elect Wellness and our trainer”

- Charisse, Personal Training Client

“If you are wanting to lose weight, get healthier or become stronger, this is a good choice.”

- Marcelle, Nutrition Coaching Client

“After 6 months of working with them, I can honestly say my life is changed for the better.”

- Christy, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“I love this program. I have lost weight, gained lean muscle and reduced body fat.”

- Jay, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“The program is extremely convenient and effective.”

- Ricky, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“One of the best things I’ve ever done…still losing weight.”

- Michelle, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

“If you have want a crash or fad diet, this isn’t for you. If you want to establish habits and a diet/lifestyle that is sustainable, go with Elect Wellness.”

- David, Nutrition Coaching Client

“This company has made a profound impact on my life and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

- Marcus, Personal Training Client

“They truly care. And they can make such a difference for anyone. I am beyond thankful to have found them!”

- Suzanne, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching Client

Why Our Personal Trainers and Nutritionists:

Creation Perspective

We believe the human body was intelligently designed by God, in His image. We are not the result of random events, but rather an intentionally created and unique species in this world, with a spiritual component beyond the physical, mental, and emotional pieces. Imperfect as it may now be, we should take the best possible care of the body we have been granted.

Conservative Values

We uphold the idea of absolute truth. In a world crumbling from confusion, carelessness, and chaos, this foundation produces clarity, purpose, and order. Ethics and morals are needed now more than ever. Honesty and integrity are in low supply, and we are determined to be a source of such. We wouldn’t expect a team member, or a client, to stay without them.

Comprehensive View

We analyze the whole picture of your health and fitness. You cannot separate your body’s function from its frame. Pain and posture are often related. You cannot separate your weight from your food. How you eat affects body composition. You cannot achieve optimal health without good nutrition and lifestyle habits. Deficiencies breed disease and inhibit function.

Convenient Delivery

The best system of information, motivation, structure, and accountability (like ours) would be worthless if people didn’t show up to participate in it. Indeed, the many lesser systems offered at gyms, studios, and bootcamps (if you can even call them systems) see most of the people who pay for them never even show. That’s why we come to you, making success more probable.

Corrective Approach

Though we have some personal training clients in their 30’s or 40’s, we have more in their 60’s and 70’s. The average client age with us is actually 50. What’s that mean? Most newcomers have a couple problematic joints, and many have full-body conditions through which to work. That’s why we start with a health history inventory, continue with a biometric assessment, screen for postural dysfunction, and work to produce proper pain-free movement before progressing to appropriate levels of resistance for each client’s goals.

Comfortable Atmosphere

We all know people who have said something like, “when I get in a little better shape, I’ll start going to gym.” Or “after I lose a bit of weight, I’ll be comfortable visiting the health club.” Perhaps you’ve stated or thought the same. Are they crazy? Are you crazy? No, that’s completely normal. After all, one of your goals is to gain confidence – especially when outside of the normal 9-to-5 dress. Here’s the good news: the gym is the most unnecessary and overrated part of the equation. Your home is not only a more comfortable place to leverage personal training in your pursuit of fitness, it’s more effective. Your coaches can literally experience one of your most influencing environments for themselves, empowering them to better help you overcome challenges.

Concrete Structure

We don’t sell “packages” of personal training sessions. That ridiculous idea has sabotaged client results for years. If I told you I worked out 30x over the last 3 years, should you be impressed? There are much cheaper ways to acquire random workouts. Indeed, boot camp classes and video collections from late-night informercials come to mind. Everything we provide is connected to frequency and consistency of execution, combined with a healthy dose of consistent accountability. Why? Because that’s the ONLY way you benefit.

Award Winning Home-Delivered Services:

Since 2004, Elect Wellness has been setting the standard in the fitness industry with the most comprehensive and convenient personal training, nutrition coaching, and natural health.

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