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Comprehensive & Convenient Body Transformation
Consistent Exercise Training

This is where other companies stop. For us, workouts are just the beginning. By coming to your home, your personal trainer better learns your specific lifestyle challenges and can prevent them from becoming roadblocks on the path to your desired body and health. Our trainers are passionate professionals who possess a burning desire to see their clients achieve their goals. Educated and experienced, they know exactly what it takes to build a better body, and will push you in a positive manner until your goals become reality. No equipment? No problem. We don’t pressure you to buy space-robbing home gym equipment. We bring all the tools you need to succeed, each and every visit!

Constant Nutrition Coaching

You will receive daily diet advising and accountability, as well as weekly education and monthly face-to-face nutrition coaching – not from a supplement salesperson, but a registered dietitian who helps you make choices that result in lasting change. We don’t administer or advocate any extreme diets, nor do we sell you microwaveable “meals.” Instead, we help you balance healthy foods in optimum amounts and ratios for maximum metabolism. We focus on helping you make healthy habit changes that can last a lifetime. Furthermore, our dietitian will visit your home monthly to make sure you are always improving your relationship with food, and seeing the progress you desire.

Complete Biometric Assessment

Our unique biometric assessments will give you the much-needed month-to-month motivation you need to hit your checkpoints on time and achieve your overall goals. We capture more than just your weight, analyzing body fat %, power-to-weight ratio, visceral fat level, heart rate, blood pressure, flexibility, multiple body measurements, photos at different angles, and more. You’ll be able to both celebrate your positive changes, as well as make any adjustments necessary to avoid stagnation. We also measure your adherence to your training and nutrition commitments, leaving no stone unturned on our quest to get you the body and life you crave.

Continual Progress Reports

Your own password-protected webpage complete with your ever-improving photos and 20 personal statistics will keep you excited on the journey to a new and better you. Use the data, charts, and scores to stay very aware of both your dedication to our program, and the results your commitment brings. Get the benefits of a biggest-loser style visual of your change, complete with every single metric graphed out over time in an informative and inspiring fashion. Don’t trust a training company that isn’t willing to hold up the mirror – both to their clients and to themselves. We hold you accountable to your goals, and hold ourselves accountable to your success.

Our Promise to You

Within Your First 30 Days, If You're Not Satisfied with Either Our Service or Your Progress ... We'll Refund Every Penny Paid, and Part as Friends.
Not Your Average Fitness Business

We believe the human body was intelligently designed, and intelligently caring for it will yield the highest quality of life. Your amazing cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory, reproductive, skeletal, digestive, and muscular systems are not accidents. (though you might think they look like they've crashed) Likewise, random nutrition and exercise won't form the body and life you desire. The right strategy, wisely implemented, and consistently adhered to over time, will produce the results you want. Just like your career and financial success were not randomly attained (even though some friends insist you are just lucky), your fitness success will not be randomly attained either. Here's the good news: we have the roadmap. And better yet - we have the systems to keep you on the right path. Isn't it time to raise the standard for your greatest asset - your health?

  • Comprehensive Approach

    Other health and fitness companies might give you a personal trainer, but they don’t provide you additionally with a dietitian, routine monthly assessments, daily nutrition coaching, natural health consulting, and constant online access to all of your current and past biometrics.

  • Concrete Structure

    Other personal trainers and coaches often operate on a whim, allowing you too many different holes and cracks to fall through and miss out on results. We have every tiny process, procedure, and strategy buttoned up ... so you see change.

  • Convenient Delivery

    Other personal training companies don’t save you time by coming right to you in your home, say nothing about bringing all necessary equipment with them each and every visit.

  • Comfortable Atmosphere

    Other health and fitness companies want you to perform awkward exercises in front of an entire gym audience, while we allow you to push yourself physically in the comfort of your own home.

Your Team

Real Professionals ... Really Focused on You
Brooke, RD/LD
Brooke, RD/LD
Nutrimetric Consultant
Brooke ensures that all clients get to see results, by providing the vital nutrition coaching that elicits the dietary changes necessary to gain attractive muscle & lose fat.
Personal Fitness Trainer
Bob has guided individuals of all shapes, sizes, & even special conditions … to better bodies, better heath, & better lives. A servant-leader, he does what it takes.
Client Coordinator
Jamie is the glue that holds Elect Wellness together, managing everything that happens behind the scenes, so our team and clients can interact seamlessly.
Personal Fitness Trainer
Liza uses her physiology education & corrective exercise expertise to build progressive programs that trade chronic pain for lasting strength.
Susan, CI-CPT
Susan, CI-CPT
Personal Fitness Trainer
Susan brings 15 years of 1-on-1 personal training experience into every session. Her service is all about you – your victories, your challenges, & your breakthroughs.
Administrative Assistant
Whatever it may be, Melanie makes it happen. Juggling multiple reports, spreadsheets, arrangements, & engagements … she gives life to all our big ideas.
Founder & Natural Health Educator
Thomas pours his heart and soul into constantly improving the services, and expanding the reach, of Elect Wellness. He desires to help as many people as possible “find life.”

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