red yoyo with string

If you are struggling to maintain previous weight loss, ask yourself these questions:

1)  Have you abandoned what got you there?

People in general mistakenly believe that they can cut out binge eating while exercising for 3 months, and then somehow magically maintain their lighter body while no longer worrying about what they eat or how active they are. 

The truth is, of course you’ll return to your old weight without permanent change. In fact, if all you did was drastically cut calories, you’ll probably surpass your old weight, thanks to a now slower metabolism. The habits and practices that got you to your goal should keep you at your goal. If those habits and practices are not safe and practical to maintain, then you’ll have to re-educate yourself. You see, crash dieters face a problem similar to lottery winners. Most people who win the lottery end up worse off than before they bought the ticket. Because they “cheated,” they really don’t know how to make, manage, or keep money. You’re smart enough to finish this metaphor in your head …

2)  Have you really changed your lifestyle?

Be honest with yourself. Does your fun still consist entirely of watching movies and eating out, or are you enjoying swimming, mountain biking, basketball, volleyball and other ACTIVE-ity’s? If food and fun are still synonymous are your mind, you are going to struggle (if you like to have fun anyway).

3)  Have you decided that there are some things you plain and simply are not going to eat?

I don’t mean you are going to “lower” or “reduce.” I’m talking about a hardcore, straight-up decision: “that is no longer part of my life” mindset. Not sure what to eliminate? Let me give you some ideas: soda (diet or otherwise), alcohol, pork, french fries, fast food milkshakes, caffeine …

4)  Have you educated the people closest to you on your decision and why?

Your husband or wife, mom or dad, and children can’t support you in your effort to live a healthier life if they don’t know you are making the effort. Be sure to tell them! But don’t stop there. Sell them on it by telling them WHY. It’s a lot easier to maintain a healthy weight when you aren’t being handed unhealthy meals or surrounded by junk food. Remember, your family needs to be healthy too, don’t they?

5)  Have you got deep reasons and new challenges?

Maybe the fact that you felt like absolute crap was enough to motivate you in the beginning. Now that you are looking and feeling better though, it’s difficult to find the motivation to maintain your new physique. In  a nutshell, you’ve got to dig deeper and challenge yourself more. Set a goal to run a 5K or a marathon. What about entering a triathlon? How ’bout joining a league and seeing how far you can take your old favorite sport. Also, see if you can’t find and focus on reasons outside of yourself. What about being a role model for your children? What about being at your best to serve your God and others?