fat v muscle

I can’t say this enough. In the battle for your health and fitness, body composition is a more important measure than weight. Now keep in mind, however, a 5ft, 300lb person is not going to build enough muscle to warrant not losing any weight before getting to goal. But the proper journey won’t necessarily involve a linear decrease on the scale. Most people who are over-fat are also under-muscled. In fact, that lack of muscle is one of the big reasons for the slow metabolism that contributed to the weight gain.

Check out the visual difference between 5 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle. The fat is almost twice as large, doesn’t help you perform, and takes away from a smooth and sculpted look. You can easily see how that dimply piece of lard is ruining your image. More dangerous than it’s appearance, however, is its ability to impede proper organ function and literally stop you dead in your tracks. Yes, you need some. But as one person once told their significant other, “Honey, you are all I could ever want and more. It’s the more I have the problem with…”

As you improve the quality of your diet and challenge your body through resistance training, you will build some muscle. And that my friend, is a wonderful thing. Muscle gives you more strength, more shape, better posture, a faster metabolism, and a host of other benefits!

I’ve often explained it like this: aerobic training (including weight training that keeps the heart rate elevated) is much like your job, in an example where money represents fat loss. The more you work, the more you get paid. But you have to be there, putting in the time. On the other hand, resistance training that builds muscle, is like that investment property. Sure, you have to visit it to make sure it’s good working order; but unlike your job, it also pays you when you aren’t even there. It’s passive income. It’s working for you around the clock. That’s the benefit of muscle. It’s a tremendous investment that pays you back all the time. It’s the reason an athlete can take “vacations” from his or her diet and not “go broke” when it comes to their weight.

So keep challenging yourself to become more fit, not just lighter. We are all athletes in the game of life, whether or not you ever step on a court or field. Stick with your training, make lasting diet improvements, and you will arrive at your ideal weight. Remember that the more muscle you maintain, the more likely you will be to actually stay at that ideal weight!