I thought you would enjoy this list of my Favorite Funny Vintage WeightLoss Ads!


Weight Loss Sugar – Pre-lunch ice cream cone for weight loss? This I could do … and I know which of our clients are smiling at the thought too (don’t even think about it!)

Vintage Tape Worm Ads

Weight Loss Tape Worms – This I could not do. By the way, this isn’t just a thing of the past. Thankfully, America has banned it. Now if we could just ban gastric bypass … oh wait … it was banned before… but it was called something else … now it has a new name … so it’s safe and healthy now … that’s right … I forgot.

Vintage Weight Loss Braces

Weight Loss Braces – This is how spot-reducing used to work. We are no longer this foolish, right? Now we “know” we have to exercise certain areas to burn fat in those areas. We’ve really come far, haven’t we? (please sense sarcasm)

Vintage ad for overweight men

Weight Loss Belts (for men) – “Endorsed by physicians” to help “reduce” you and replace fat with “normal tissue” …. and cheaper than professional weight loss massage! Good thing massage doesn’t burn fat. We’d never get paid for the work that we are selling!)

Vintage Weight Loss Belts

Weight Loss Belts (for women) – Of course, women love doing things together. So, instead of an under-the-shirt secret solution, they made a day of it! Just doesn’t give off the same vibe as a modern-day yoga class, huh?

weight loss cigarettes vintage advertisement

Weight Loss Cigarettes – So you thought the tapeworms were nasty? Hey, I’d rather get seated next to the tapeworm section in a restaurant than the smoking section. At least when the tapeworm exited my neighbor’s mouth and headed my direction, I’d get a warning scream.

Weight Loss Soap

Weight Loss Soap – “One to three cakes usually accomplishes the purpose.” That’s in case you were wondering how fast it works or how many to order. I suppose the seller had to balance how many he wanted to sell per person vs the danger of selling none by implying that it was a slow process. Fun fact: a competitors brand was creatively named “FatOff.”