scared baby

One of the most frightening things we face in life comes from the “inside-out.” It’s hormone imbalance, and it can scare away weight loss while spooking our bodies into shapes that we no longer even recognize as us. Here’s some ways to fend off the fear:

1. Avoid all soy products. Soy, 93% of which is genetically modified, drives up estrogen levels, the same hormone that puts fat on girls when becoming teenagers, and contributes heavily to even a healthy women hold 10-15% more fat than a healthy man. Both men and women need some estrogen, but too much is very bad thing.

2. Lift heavy during your weight training. Heavier lifting better stimulates testosterone in both men and women, the hormone that helps drive up metabolism-boosting lean body mass. Don’t worry women, it won’t turn you into man … only an even better looking woman.
3. Sleep long and deep. Growth hormone, the “fountain of youth,” is released during sleep. Sleep also increases the fat-burning hormone leptin, which makes you feel satisfied and full. At the same time, proper sleep reduces the hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungry. The result is that you’ll reduce food cravings, while looking leaner and younger.

4. Drink only water purified by reverse osmosis. The water from your faucet has toxins that have been termed “obesogens,” due to the way they interrupt normal endocrine function and contribute to weight gain. Your fridge filter helps reduce these somewhat, but leaves fluoride, a toxic poison that will slow down your metabolism-controlling thyroid gland.

5. Don’t eat or drink from heated plastics. The softer the plastic, the higher the danger here. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical found in plastics that have been softened. Unfortunately, it can leach into your food or drink and disrupt your endocrine system. The estrogen mimicker is so strong that men working in plastic factories before exposure was as least somewhat controlled, actually grew female-like breast tissue. So use glass or ceramic instead. Not heating plastics in the microwave is obvious, but don’t drink from that water bottle that’s been sitting too long in the sun either!

6. Eat only organic meats, or at least no-hormone added meats. Commercial farming uses hormones to make their cattle as big and fat as possible, so they can sell more meat per animal they raise. Simplyfying the science, why would you want those “big fat animal hormones” entering your body?

7. Use only natural or organic soaps, cosmetics, lotions, and makups. Unfortunately, these items are sources of a multitude of estrogen mimickers and endocrine disruptors. Women, who already struggle to maintain a healthy hormone profile due their more complicated “dynamic equilibrium” instead of men’s simpler “static equilibrium,” are obviously at higher risk for exposure to these obesogens.

8. Use natural perfume or cologne. Where does it end, right? Sorry, but phthalates within unnatural fragrances mess with your hormones too. Ironically, while trying to make ourselves more attractive with such devices, they are actually making us fatter, possibly defeating their purpose. Look for all-natural types next time you to need to refill your “smell well.”
Hopefully you find these tips helpful. Here’s something to think about: How would your world change if you were totally confident in both your health and appearance, energetic and strong enough to do all that you’d really like to do?

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