I hope you don’t waste another summer. It’s no fun to avoid the pool or the lake because you are worried about how you look in a bathing suit. And if you are like most people, you have put off thinking about it until … right about now. You haven’t got much time, so let’s get going!

1) Maximize Movement! It’s time to exercise, and time to do a lot of it. You are in a crunch, and you need to maximize your “energy out.” Spend at least 45 minutes a day, 6 days per week, exercising. Every workout should have your blood flowing, your heart pumping, and you breathing hard. That includes the weight training, so make it circuit-style, and take out the rest periods. You need to weight train at least 2 days per week. If you want MAX results, you need to be doing additional aerobics at least 4 days per week. What you do is not as important as how much you do, and how you do it. You must push yourself! If all you do is sit on the couch, start walking. If you can easily walk briskly, bring on the jogging. If you can already jog slowly, make it fast one! If jogging is easy, start running. If you have been on a treadmill, take it outside. There is a big difference between lifting your feet while a belt slides under you vs. propelling yourself forward against the ground! I also suggest using a sport for at least one of your aerobic sessions. The fun you have will make it easier to stick with it. Basketball or soccer are great options, for example. If you aren’t sure exactly how to workout, or find yourself not doing it on your own, we are here for you. Give us a call!

2) Fix your Food! Notice I didn’t say quit eating. That’s a great way to slaughter your metabolism and lose muscle, tone, shape, and start the yo-yo for the rest of your life! Rather, eat the right things, and by this I mean lots of protein, vegetables, and fruit. If you are a woman, eat at least 100 grams of protein per day. If you are man, eat at least 150 grams of protein per day. This protein should be split into 5 meals, and these meals should also include a handful or fruit &/or vegetables, and quality filtered water. If you want fast weight loss, you will have to skip starchy carbs like bread, rice, cereals, pastas. potatoes, etc. If you want your body to burn stored bodyfat for fuel, you’ve got to quit overflowing it with new and unnecessary fuel! DON’T skip fruits and vegetables though. Nobody got fat on fruits and veggies, and they won’t prevent you from getting skinny. They will, however, give you quality energy and the health you need to keep going strong! Remember, if you need help, our daily diet advising is a cheap and effective way to hold yourself accountable to someone and receive daily feedback and advice!

3) Take your supplements! A multivitamin in the pantry or cabinet doesn’t do you a lick of good if you don’t take it. Vitamins and minerals are the nuts, bolts, and framework of your body. Neither your health nor your metabolism can be at full potential when you are low on any given nutrient! No…you are not getting ALL you need from your food. The very soil your food grows in is lacking nutrients these days, never-mind the altering of the food to make it store longer and sell better.  Everyone should be taking a quality multivitamin and an omega-3 supplement every day. Don’t believe me? Start googling peer-reviewed clinical research and read away! I’ve done 13 years of reading myself, and the American Medical Association has finally caught up and began recommending supplements as well. Perhaps the best-known doctor in the world, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, has provided tremendous formulas. I suggest you either buy them from his website and pay for shipping, or buy them from Elect Wellness and get free shipping. Also, you will find it difficult at times to get the recommended protein for fast fat loss without a powder. Optimum Nutrition makes a good all-natural one sweetened with stevia and fructose instead of harmful artificial sweeteners. Just let us know and we can provide it for you at a great price!