Not just a Nutritionist, but a Registered Dietitian, Caitlin Helps Dallas Area Residents Live with Confidence

Nutrition Coach Dallas

Caitlin Fischer graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Louisiana Tech University, became a licensed and registered dietitian, and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Nutrition. During her internship, she cared for the nutrition needs of patients all the way from critical care to rehabilitation and re-entry into normal living. After spending this time in clinical nutrition, however, she realized that her true passion was preventing the unfortunate circumstances in which many of her hospital patients found themselves.

With that in mind, she took a job with a popular weight loss center, outlining programs and parameters while coaching hundreds of people to become leaner and lighter in the hopes of avoiding future complications. But there was a problem. The solutions there were temporary. She knew the reliance on prepared food, shakes, and supplements would only last until clients eventually stopped them and returned to “real life.” Unless and until her clients ultimately improved their relationship with food, their choices, their habits, and their nutrition “skills” … the results were only going to be temporary.

Her search for yet a better and lasting health and fitness effort led her to finding Elect Wellness. The love for people that she possesses, and her passion for nutrition, is a valuable asset to our company and clients. She’s excited to get to know you, deeply understand any and all nutrition challenges, teach the physiology of various choices, provide grocery shopping / meal prep / cooking tips, work on reconstructing habit loops, improve lifestyles in lasting fashion, and help you become the best possible version of yourself.

Caitlin is not someone who simply talks the talk like so many Dallas nutritionists. She actually walks the walk. You benefit from a whole new level of detail and practical application when you are coached by someone who’s been there and done that. Furthermore, her experience in both clinics and weight loss facilities, combined with her extensive and intense experience with all the fitness clients of our comprehensive home-delivered personal training programs, will yield you a level of service that you would definitely struggle to find elsewhere. She’s literally “seen it all” and has successfully helped numerous individuals overcome a variety of challenges.

So How Do We Achieve Success Together?

2x/Mo. VideoChat Counseling

Macronutrient Balancing

Habit Loop Reconstruction

Daily Analysis & Advising

Constant Text Availability

Meal Prep Education

HUMAN Accountability to Journal

Stop Failing with Fad Diets … Finally Achieve Lasting Success

Want More? No Problem. Upgrade to Receive:

Monthly 27-Pt Assessments

Grocery Tour & Label Reading

Biometric Tracking via our App

Healthy Kitchen Organization

But Does it Work? Watch This:

“… very knowledgeable and helpful … tailoring eating plans that are realistic for me. I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of things, just trying to make better choices for my long term health not my immediate cravings.”

– Mike H.

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“… an amazing food coach that I thought I didn’t need but through months of coaching/talking she helped me understand the mystery of weight loss for me. In a nutshell she teaches life skills that deal with food for you so that it is not a diet but a happy way of life. One of the best things I’ve ever done … still losing weight.”

– Michelle R. of Plano

It’s Helpful to Know What We Won’t Do

We won’t prescribe very low calorie diets

We won’t prescribe no-carb or keto diets

We won’t rely solely on shakes for nutrition

We won’t rely solely on bars for protein

We won’t sell any supplements at all

We won’t prescribe “vegetarian” only diets

We won’t prescribe “vegan” only diets

We won’t prescribe “blood type” only diets

Some things we WILL do for you instead:

We will analyze your current eating patterns

We will take a long-term approach

We will work on restructuring habits

We will help form better mindsets

We will educate you on physiology

We will grow your repertoire of choices

We will improve your understanding of the human body

We will teach you how to shop for food

We will make you an expert in reading labels

We will give you better alternatives

We will form a healthy relationship with food

We will find other ways to celebrate

We will find other ways to mourn

We will find other ways to cure boredom

We will find other ways to handle stress

We will show you how to avoid hormone-changing chemicals

What Have Others Said About Our Nutrition Coaching Services?

“Incredibly responsive and meets you where you are when it comes to food changes. Slow and steady.”

– Kate M.

“Professional, knowledgeable and safe. No gimmicks. They are not selling expensive supplements. If you are wanting to loose weight, get healthier or become stronger, this is a good choice. It’s the best accountability because they come to you – no excuses!”

– Marcelle K. of Carrollton

“… great as with such limited time that I have, she works with me and my schedule well.”

– Charles R.

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