For Biblical Wellness

Christians should be the picture of good health and fitness, the shining example of self-control. Instead, we often see the opposite. In complete opposition to the fruits of the spirit, Christians often endulge themselves in sloth, greed, and gluttony. The result is obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a host of other problems and conditions that could otherwise be entirely avoided. We were created by a holy and perfect God, in His image. What have we done to that image? Are we a reflection of Him, or are we lazy, gluttonous slobs, effectively embarrasing our Creator and tarnishing the family name. God created fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds for our food. He allowed for the eating of meat after the worldwide flood, but told us to avoid many altogether. 

He provided herbs for our healing. He warned His people of the dangers of animal fat and blood. His word even mentions the benefits of minerals in the soil. Armed with this type of knowledge and insight, Christians should be enjoying good health, and avoiding diseases. What’s the problem then? Well, quite frankly, Christians are ignoring the wisdom of the Bible, living sedentary lifestyles, eating fatty, hormone-enriched unclean meats, highly processed, nutrient-void convenient foods, drinking poison-filled water, and taking deadly pharmaceutical drugs that change the way God created the human body to work. If we were to return to God’s principles, we would notice much-improved heath and numerous other benefits. This particular personal trainer recognizes this, and I have made it my mission in life to reposition the perspective of believers, help them see the light, and help them find life in not the next one, but this one!