We all know personal trainers often recommend you eat 4-6 times peers day, yet many of us still don’t do it. I might be able to motivate you by sharing some less common knowledge from the other side of the coin.

Sumo wrestlers have a trick to getting huge. It’s eating only twice per day! They recognize how easily they can gain weight by slowing the metabolism. The human body is naturally very efficient. When fed infrequently, it will slow down all metabolic processes to conserve energy. The good news is that the reverse is also true. When you eat frequently, the body understands that it doesn’t need to conserve energy – meaning you store less fat!

Another benefit to eating more often is that you can easily consume smaller portions at each meal or snack. The portion size can be controlled because you won’t be as hungry since you just ate 2 or 3 hours ago. The lack of cravings also means it’s easier to pick a lean and healthy snack. This is much preferred to the ravenous “eat anything and everything in sight” people we tend to become when meals are widely spaced.