green plant

Many people, including health professionals, are not aware of our food’s impact on the pH of our blood, or the stress our body is placed under while trying to manage it. And God forbid a personal trainer knows a single fact that a medical doctor doesn’t, right? We too often forget that doctors are people too, with a limited capacity for knowledge accumulation … just like everyone else. In fact, a doctor’s busy schedule can prevent them from learning and understanding the latest advancements in human physiology. Their time is rather spent on disease management with various pharmaceuticals – far from creating optimal health through proper food consumption and stress reduction. So just because your personal medical doctor might not understand how much we can influence our body and cells with our food, doesn’t mean the science doesn’t happen.

A healthy cell has a slightly alkaline pH (the cytoplasm), yet the vast majority of foods we typically consume have an acid-forming effect on our blood, cells, and tissues. Interestingly, we applaud our immune system when it fights bacteria and viruses, and blame it when can’t win. Yet everyday we are responsible for either creating an internal environment in which cells flourish and enzymatic activity is efficient, or an internal environment that slows the metabolism and breeds bacteria. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which have an alkalizing effect on the body. Especially avoid carbonated beverages, which contain phosphates that bind to calcium and inhibit the body’s ability to regulate blood pH, which then handicaps how well the body can protect cellular pH. Instead, try the green drinks like barley and wheat grass (I like to add lime and natural honey), which strongly alkalize the blood while delivering important enzymes, proteins, and antioxidants.

Your body’s buffering systems will keep your blood in check well enough to keep you alive, but if your body must focus all it’s attention on fixing acid-swamped blood, your cellular energy will suffer. Alkalize from the outside in, unburden your body, and see how you feel. You’ll be amazed.