As health, fitness, and nutrition coaches, we hear “the time excuse” all the time :) And some people have gotten so good at selling it to themselves, that we almost start buying it.

But if we all take a step back and give this idea of “time” some thought, some powerful facts emerge that can give us a fresh … and better … perspective.

Author Michael Fortino recently gathered some data of the time spent in the average American’s lifespan. Brace yourself. It’s amusing, but also disturbing and disappointing.

The average American, in their lifetime, will spend:

  • 7 years in the bathroom
  • 6 years eating
  • 5 years waiting in line
  • 3 years in meetings
  • 2 years playing phone tag
  • 6 months sitting at red lights
  • 8 months opening junk mail

Now, why is the founder of a health and fitness company giving you these facts?

Well, frankly, at a BARE minimum, we are asking that you give at LEAST 8 months of your LIFETIME to working out (two 45-minute workouts a week).

That’s the same amount of time you spend opening junk email !!!

There are 168 hours in a week, and two 45-minute workouts amount to a whopping .9% of your total time

hourglass sand

That’s 0.9 … less than 1% of your time … that we propose you invest in the house of your soul, the only framework you have with which to live this life.

Indeed, science says 1.8% is even better. The American College of Sports Medicine has confirmed that you should exercise MOST days of the week, which = 4 in a 7 day week … so we aren’t even aiming “high” … at HALF the final goal!

Look, if you are an average American, here’s what’s going to happen TODAY, according to the research:

  • you will get interrupted 73 times
  • you will take an hour of work home
  • you will read less than 5 minutes
  • you will talk to your spouse for 4 minutes
  • you will exercise less than 3 minutes
  • and play with your kids for 2 minutes

I don’t know about you, but I HATE AVERAGE. I’ve spent my whole life trying to avoid it like the plague.

Not that I’ve always been successful at escaping it’s ugly grasp, but I will always continue to try to run away from it. If I trip and fall, I’ll get back up and keep running.

It’s often 2 steps forward, 1 step backward … but anything is better than sitting in the middle of the bell curve.

Speaking of the bell curve, you really only have 3 options:

1) Be below average
2) Be average
3) Be above average

I don’t write to try to change convince you that you SHOULD want to be above average. You wouldn’t even be a recipient of this email if you didn’t already desire an above-average life.

I write to ask you … if you resonate with the 3rd option, the desire to be above average … are you treating your body in a way that is congruent with that philosophy?

If you aren’t investing at least a LITTLE time into it every week (.9 – 1.8%), the short answer is “no.”

Maybe you feel like you are above average due your academic accomplishments, your business success, or your relationships with family and friends.

While being above average in the mental, spiritual, financial, and emotional categories is notable, you will still lose your mind, lose your independence, and become an unnecessary burden to your family and friends if you don’t TAKE CARE of YOUR BODY.

That’s just “average” played out.

So I challenge you to rethink this idea of “time.” We all have 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and a full 8,736 hours in year.

What will you do for yourself, for your body, for your health, and for your life THIS year, THIS week, and THIS day?

Take your time, and make the most of it. Take care of yourself so you can make the most of it!