Instead of TAKING probiotics, GROW the good bacteria within your body. Did you know that research has shown that the “microbiome” within (and upon) you has a big effect on your metabolic rate? Perhaps you didn’t even understand how many non-human animals are living within and upon you … well buckle up for this one then: we have 10 TIMES MORE non-human cells in and on our bodies than we do human cells! Gross, huh? Well, that depends on your ratio of the good stuff to the bad stuff. Meaning, it’s only gross if your bad bacteria population gets too big. The good stuff, as it turns out, is TREMENDOUS for fat loss (and your skin and overall health)!

Cultivate a Metabolic Microbiome

Now, we weren’t designed to need to be popping probiotic pills every day. Instead, a healthy INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT automatically promotes the growth of good bacteria, as well as the death of the bad. The problem is this, the kinds of food we put IN our body, and the unhealthy stress we put ON our body, shift the internal environment to favoring the bad stuff, hurting our metabolism.

You see, it’s not all about reducing the QUANTITY of energy we consume by reducing our calories. It’s equally, if not MORE important, to increase the QUALITY of our foods in order to create a microbiome where good bacteria live, the kind that make our metabolic processes more efficient, and in turn, help us lose unwanted fat.