Person Serving a Food for Christmas Dinner

Lights on the tree, and Christmas music playing on the radio…Yes, the holidays are in full swing! In the coming weeks you will be faced with multiple social gatherings and parties, all in celebration of this wonderful time of year! So, we thought it would be helpful to send a little holiday party survival guide to help with your waist-line during this festive season.

The reason you are at a party is to celebrate with friends, family and co-workers. Keep that, and these rules in mind to help you better navigate the party platters and open bar at your upcoming holiday gatherings.

Rule 1: Don’t show up to the party hungry! Try to eat a well-balanced meal or snack before heading to a party where there will be food and drinks. Arriving to a party on an empty stomach will most likely lead to reaching for, and gobbling down the first thing you see. Eating too quickly doesn’t allow enough time for your brain to recognize there is food in the stomach and may lead to second and third ( and maybe more) servings, leading to a VERY high caloric intake.

Rule 2: Allow yourself a couple food items. Don’t deprive yourself of yummy holiday treats. Instead, choose one or two food items to enjoy, eat slowly and savor each bite.

Rule 3: Survey the spread before choosing your food. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it. Look for the food items you LOVE and ones that you don’t come across often. Remember, it is not your job to sample all of the food on the buffet :)

Rule 4: Limit calories from beverages. Most alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and sugar. Try alternating alcohol with non alcoholic drinks to avoid extra calories. Also, if drinking liquor, use water or seltzer water as a mixer rather than fruit juice or soda.

Other strategies to help avoid over eating:

– Pop gum in your mouth if you feel like eating.

– Wear tight fitting clothing. This will make you more aware of your body and less likely to over eat.

– Keep one hand busy. Keep a cup of water in your hand to avoid reaching for more snacks.