21 Healthy Restaurants in Dallas that Won’t Derail Your Diet

Have you ever gotten stuck in a rut when it comes to restaurant choices? Now if your favorite place is super healthy and you always order something good for you, then that’s actually a great rut to be in. Chances are, however, the place you frequent most is one of the popular joints with no real care for natural, fresh, or lean ingredients.

Remember, the average restaurant meal contains 1128 calories! Thankfully, there is at least 21 dining options in the Dallas area that are below average in terms of calories, and above average in terms of quality. Choose your menu options even halfway wisely, and you’ll stay on track toward your goals while still enjoying eating out! Here they are:


True Food Kitchen (seasonal menu with huge healthy variety)

True Food Kitchen


Season’s 52 (low-calorie American food in luxurious setting)

Seasons 52


The Dream Cafe (healthy options for every meal of the day)

Dream Cafe


Start Restaurant (fast healthy food with a drive through)

Start Real Food Fast


Muscle Maker Grill (fast causal high protein menu)

Muscle Maker Grill


Thailicious (healthy Thai in nice, modern atmosphere)



Salata (salad bar with lean meats as well)



Zoe’s Kitchen (fast casual variety in Mediterranean style)

Zoes Kitchen


Kalachandji’s (gourmet, luxurious, healthy Indian dining)



Unleavened Fresh Kitchen (fast casual with fresh ingredients)

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen


Jason’s Deli (salads, soups, and sandwiches)

Jasons Deli


Righteous Foods (sandwiches, grains, greens, and proteins)

Righteous Foods


Crisp Salad Company (soups and salads with natural meats)

Crisp Salad Company


Southpaw’s (organic grill with smoothies and delivery to boot)

Southpaws Grill


DIVE Coastal Cuisine (health-conscious seafood)

DIVE Coastal Cuisine


Nazca Kitchen (South American in a healthy manner)

Nazca Kitchen


Cosmic Cafe (Indian vegetarian in a unique atmosphere)

Cosmic Cafe


Urban Tacos (Mexican options in a healthier style)

Urban Tacos


Be Raw (fresh entrees and creative, healthy beverages)

Be Raw


VERTS Grill (user-friendly fast casual Mediterranean)

VERTS Mediterranean Grill


Hope that gives you some new things to try. Reference this list next time you think about going out to grab a bite, and keep it it healthy!