Still the Best Weight Loss Strategy

I’ve been training people for almost 15 years, and though exercise can accelerate weight loss and make you look and feel good both on your journey and when you get to your weight goal, I can guarantee you that shrinking the stomach and revealing a sculpted body is all about nutrition. . The good news[…]

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For a Magnificent Metabolism, Eat All the Time!

We all know personal trainers often recommend you eat 4-6 times peers day, yet many of us still don’t do it. I might be able to motivate you by sharing some less common knowledge from the other side of the coin. Sumo wrestlers have a trick to getting huge. It’s eating only twice per day![…]

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Alcohol: The Popular, Beloved Killer

Most 20-something, partying personal trainers pound more beer than all their clients combined, leaving quite the bias on how they present the subject of alcohol to their clients. Though I’m not completely opposed to clients drinking a little here and there, I’m not opposed to stating the truth on the matter either. One glass of[…]

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The Big Secret: Balancing your pH for Optimal Health

Many people, including health professionals, are not aware of our food’s impact on the pH of our blood, or the stress our body is placed under while trying to manage it. And God forbid a personal trainer knows a single fact that a medical doctor doesn’t, right? We too often forget that doctors are people[…]

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Fruits & Vegetables: More Color, Less Cancer

Ever wonder why your personal trainer tells you to make your plate more colorful? Well, every hue has its own set of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients – so try to consume a variety. Regarding these foods, reknowned health advocate Dr. Cooper has stated, “Five is fine, nine is divine.” The American Institute for Cancer Research[…]

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The Drinking Problem You Should Have

You’ve probably seen personal trainers who walk around the gym with a full gallon of water. Though it looks like goofy overkill, maybe they are onto something. Water regulates the body’s temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, and aids the digestive system. Our blood is about 92% water, and the human body as a whole[…]