10 Secrets to Soaring Self Control

Research shows that self control, or willpower, is an essential tool for success in any long-term endeavor that involves the accumulation and execution of particular habits. Improving one’s health and fitness is no exception. So how can we harness more of it? How can we leverage and grow the willpower necessary to overcome the urges[…]

No Time to Workout? 13 Astonishing Facts of the Average American Life’s Clock

As health, fitness, and nutrition coaches, we hear “the time excuse” all the time :) And some people have gotten so good at selling it to themselves, that we almost start buying it. But if we all take a step back and give this idea of “time” some thought, some powerful facts emerge that can[…]

Most Vital day of Year for Exercise

That’s right! If you don’t have some serious physical activity planned the day before Thanksgiving, get planning. Here’s why: I’m sure you’ve heard by now that tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, the average American will consume 4500 calories and about 230 grams of fat. (the avergae caloric intake of a 450 lb man) For those looking to[…]

Client Types: Results will be Relative

The Ownership Client:  This client understands that their improvements in health and fitness are ultimately up to them, and they accept that any decline in the same is their own fault. They look at their trainer and nutritionist as educated professionals who can provide information, motivation, structure, and accountability that they need to change. This client appreciates[…]

How do You Find Energy to Start a Country? Two Hours at a Time, Rain or Shine

So what was Thomas Jefferson’s “secret?” It was exercise. (how convenient for us, eh?) Furthermore, he was SERIOUS about it. Two-hours-a-day serious about it. Let this collection of his quotes on the matter educate and motivate you. Don’t cheat yourself by only reading a few short ones. Take 2 minutes and read them all. It’s[…]

50% Diet? 50% Exercise? Dallas Personal Trainer Examines the Contributions to Weight Loss

You see all kinds of estimates on weight loss, [First Name]. It’s 50% diet, 50% exercise, or maybe it’s 25% diet, 75% exercise, and so on and so forth. Let’s examine the implications of those statements and come to a deeper understanding of what all affects our weight on a week to week basis. We[…]