Sherry of McKinney Starts New Lifestyle with In Home Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Sherry Samuels and I am living currently in McKinney, Texas.  In our family we have some recent scares with some health issues and it caught my attention and I wanted to do anything and everything I could for my own health to try to prevent the health issue that were hereditary and genetic from happening.

What prompted you to look for help?

Well, as we were starting to research and I knew that I needed to change the way that I eat and live, I needed a lifestyle change that I wanted the best, someone who had an upper hand on all of it and my daughters are really into fitness, health and wellness and one of them had heard about Elect Wellness and so she directed me to you guys and I think she even had heard about it online.  And so I did that very thing and went right to you.

How’s working with your personal trainer?

First of all, our personalities really gelled and I think that’s an important component that you have to have that gets you motivated and they had a lot of insight about me as an individual and they listened and therefore were able to work with me in that arena, personally.  I needed someone to hold my hand for a while and they did that very thing.

Describe your results

For some reason I actually have a heightened willpower, you know, I can set something that’s not good for me to eat, say sweets, out on the counter and I play with myself to see how long I can resist it and so it works.  One thing that stands out in my mind is my posture, it wasn’t very good when I started this and I didn’t even realize how bad it had become and so when you all were taking the pictures and showing me I was surprised at how much posture had gotten slouchy and so now it’s — I feel like I’m more aware of my posture at more times, all the time.

The loss of inches have been significant, I think it was like 16 inches that I’ve lost total and that’s great.  Also, flexibility is really good and I’m excited about that.  I was having balancing issues before I called you guys now I feel more confident, I’m going up and down the stairs quicker, I’m sleeping better just moving better in general and I feel good.  That’s been a major life change for me because at first I would panic and I would tend to want to go back to that panic but it has taught me to stop, take a deep breath, forgive myself for one thing when I do regress and go back to my old habits, just refocus, take a deep breath and start all over on the next day and know in your head that you can change; that can really change even though it’s been your pattern for years and years and years.

What would you do to help remind yourself?

While I was with you guys I would call you in a panic or text you.  I would tell my friends, you would talk me off the ledge and get me thinking straight again and focusing again and so that’s good.  I feel like that has become a habit now and I will be able to do this as a life change.

"the loss of inches have been significant" sherry says