Physician Loses 24 Pounds & Calls Elect Wellness “the Harvard of Fitness”

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

My name is Rashmi and I am a physician (pediatrician). I work with little kids all day long, and I’m on my feet all day long which made me believe I was burning calories all day long. I really appreciate you guys sending a trainer out here, taking the jump to come out to Keller, to come out here and change my life. That’s another thing that I think is really neat: your sign off on all your emails is “find life” and I can’t tell you how much initially I read that and thought oh yeah that’s kind of cool … and today … I believe you. You helped me find life.

Initially, this was more a means to get something structured. I had gotten to a point where I was putting on weight and not losing weight at all. So when we found Elect Wellness, it seemed like a comprehensive program with everything you could look for as far as food, exercise, motivation, and so we started the program at that point .. not really recognizing how awesome it was going to be

My goals were weight loss and learning to eat right. I knew nutrition was a huge component but I wasn’t really … even being a physician … you know nutrition … I know fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, and portions and stuff … but when it comes to making yourself the patient, or the client in this case, it’s a whole different perspective, because you don’t ever treat yourself the way you would a patient or somebody else. So, applying nutrition to my life was the initial goal that I came in with. You know, I wanted to see how that would work.

The training really blew me away. Like you said, in home, motivating me, everyday, to get an email from you guys everyday just to motivate me is amazing. The idea is that it’s a structured program. It’s like sending your child to Harvard instead of a junior college. Making sure that there is a structured environment to give you the skills to continue to do this.

A lot of trainers will talk to you about how it’s important that you eat right but no one really takes the time to teach you. Having a nutritionist, a dietitian, who actually works with me initially on a daily basis, and then on a weekly basis, and then continues to guide me on how I can further diversify my diet without sacrificing my goals … I think that is one of the biggest goldmines that you’ve got out there. It is recognizing that nutrition is such an important part of health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, and feeling good about yourself.

I started with a little bit of weight loss but over the months I’ve lost 24 pounds. I’ve lost inches everywhere – 6 inches in my waist and I’ve gained 8 inches of flexibility. I feel like I am the most flexible I have been in my life. A trainer that’s highly motivating every time I see her. Um, I think that it turned this experience into something that I could easily a lifestyle change. For her to come in here, use what I’ve got, use a couple resistance bands and some dumbbells .. my stairs … we do a lot of work on the stairs because I’ve got stairs in this house. We do a lot of floor work, we do just things she brings in her hands. She’s not bringing in a gym, but the fact that I can do all this at home, and be completely exhausted, and see the results I’ve seen … I never could have imagined.

So, confidence, 100%, I walk differently, I am proud of how I look now, I feel confident about my approach to different things, and I am comfortable knowing that it’s not a drag to have to eat right. It’s not a drag to exercise. It’s become enjoyable. so, I think confidence, strength … physically, of course I’m stronger. Mental and emotional strength, too, have come about from this. It allows you to believe that you can succeed at these goals. Whether they are physical goals of weight loss, whether it’s a goal to just get stronger because maybe you’ve been through stuff and your body needs to get stronger. But, this trainer and your program – you guys are my cheerleaders. It’s constantly making be believe that I can take that next step.

If I look at all my numbers every month, I’ve always gone in the right direction. I haven’t taken a step back. I haven’t gained a pound. I haven’t gained a half an inch. In fact, I’ve always gone in the right direction. And that’s not just my work. That’s the whole package. Interestingly, life doesn’t stop. You make decisions, you make commitments – I made a 6 month commitment to you, but life continued to happen around me. Things continued to happen in my life. You know, challenges, around work or whatever … continued to happen. And what I recognized, by having committed to you for the 6 months, and happening to see different challenges in my life at that time, was that this wasn’t a chore. I think that’s the key. This was just part of the routine. I think a lot of times when you think about personal training, it’s this big huge thing in our mind. I’ve got to take time out, I’ve got to make sure that “I’m ready” for this, you know, if I’m just going to the gym on my own time, I’m accountable to me. I’m not accountable to anybody else. But I think that again comes back to the same thing: personal training is not accountability to you. It’s accountability to ME in the end. It’s the results that I want to see. I know I might just be doing it because I mad a commitment to you – this day, this week, whatever .. I paid you the buck, so I’m going to put my time in where I put my money. But at the same time, that’s a very short-lived feeling … because the results are so much greater than that feeling that last [only] this long.

So yes, when the day comes that I have a low, the greatest thing is seeing in the mirror so many different things. People aren’t just telling me that I look good. People are telling me my face glows! People are telling me my eyes sparkle more. People are telling me so many different things that are my mental frame, in addition to my physical frame. So, those statements and those recognitions, not just from people but from myself when I look in the mirror every day, are exactly whats going to keep me on this path for life.
– Dr. Rashmi, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Client, Keller, TX

Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.