Matt of Lewisville Loses 25 lbs, Builds New Habits

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us about yourself …

I’m the type of personality that I’m very competitive. I’m focused on whatever that one thing is. And if it’s work, I sit down for eight hours and I can literally sit there predominantly all day and never move and food comes to me and I eat it.

What was the problem?

It was a lack of activity outside of — that was prompting me and I was obviously putting on weight and I didn’t want that lifestyle. I wanted to — I was an older dad and I want to be involved with the kids and be able to participate as well as I could with ‘em.

What did you want?

I’ve been in a gym, I’ve lifted weights and stuff, but I wasn’t sure that I was doing it the correct way and so I definitely wanted to have a trainer to show me how; the proper ways. What I liked about it was that nutritional aspect. The selling point was, was that y’all came to my door. I didn’t have to go. Because obviously with a gym membership, you know I’ve had ‘em in the past and I didn’t have one as I came to y’all, but I’ve had ‘em in the past and one thing was, is by 5 o’ clock, I can talk myself out of working out and if someone shows up to my door, you can’t not answer it, right?

Have any surprises?

It’s kinda — it’s funny because I figured I would’ve been matched up with a trainer, but I got matched up with her. And I think it kinda eased it, but at the same time I mean she’s, she’s probably your most aggressive trainer.

What did you lose and learn?

Twenty, twenty-five; somewhere in that range. Though I may not adhere to the whole principles yet, I under — I have a good basis of what I’m supposed to do. I still need to work out every day. I still need to account for my food. For every bad meal I, you gotta match it with a good one. You gotta, if you don’t work out, you gotta work out the next day you know what I mean. You gotta stay on point.

For others considering?

The thing that I’ve always appreciated about y’all is it’s not only just those two people. I mean it’s been all of y’all, right? Encouraging emails and maybe just a random gift or whatever, but I mean there’s obviously a lot of people behind those two that really have your interest at heart. And I mean that’s been shown throughout the whole, the whole time.

Closing thoughts?

I mean the key to it is having someone there and knowing that you gotta answer that door.