Registered Nurse Leverages Home-Delivered Fitness Services to Preserve Health

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us about yourself …

My name is Marcelle. I’m an operating room nurse in Carrollton. I work at a spine orthopedic hospital. And for fun, I hang out with my boyfriend and my dog and I do enjoy exercising.

Why were you looking for help?

Back in 2017, I did throw out my back. I knew I had to lose some weight if my spine was going to improve and not to re-injure myself. I knew I wasn’t making it to the gym. I had like two gym memberships and I, I wasn’t going. So I wanted to look for something that was going to be home-based. Also wanted some help with the nutrition because I had fallen into some bad eating habits on the job.

What drew you to Elect Wellness?

I liked Elect because they offered both nutrition and exercise. I really liked that their nutrition program was a degreed nutritionist. They weren’t trying to sell you anything. They were just trying to find out what works for you.

Tell us about your results so far…

I think I’m down thirty pounds now. So I’m fitting into some of my old clothes which is nice. I don’t have to go out and buy new ones. My labs from my annual physical, while they weren’t abnormal, they were kind of knocking on the door of like being one point away of being abnormal. And this go-around for this year, they are more midrange now. So I feel like that’s more of an acceptable comfort zone. I don’t have to worry about becoming a diabetic.

Any other benefits you’ve noticed?

My energy level, yes definitely has improved. I think exercise is a great remedy for any kind of mild depression that you might suffer from. I used to debate about just getting ready for work and going in and not really taking advantage of the morning. And now, I am completely structured and my diet has changed and I’m getting in my exercise and seeing results.

What would you say to others?  

You do need to log your food which is probably one of the bigger challenges. They really want to help you and start wherever you’re at. So the more honest you can be about logging your food and being transparent about your daily habits, they can help you take little steps in the right direction. You can still get results and not have to give up everything. It’s just finding that sweet spot where you can not feel deprived, but also be benefiting your body.

You can still get results and not have to give up everything.