Kris Drops 40 Glucose Points in 90 Days, and 20 Pounds

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us about yourself…

Kris: I’m Kris and I live in Frisco Texas and I do freelance video work for a living.

The Problem:

Probably for about ten years now I have been on blood pressure medication and medication for high triglycerides and just as I was getting older pounds started creeping up and my doctor was becoming more and more uncomfortable with my health and the thing that really kicked me into high gear in terms of doing, taking, action is when I went to the doctor in January and my blood sugar level had spiked to an all-time high and he essentially told me I really should be calling you diabetic.  It’s not even really true to call you pre-diabetic; your numbers – it was well over 100 and he said I know you well enough that if I scare you maybe you’ll actually do something about it and – because you don’t want to be on the medication that I put you on because it will change everything about you for the rest of your life and I’d rather give you a chance to turn it around.

The Prediction:

So, he said I’m going to give you three months.  It scared me, I mean it really was one of those deals where I got in the car and I was almost shaking because I just thought, you know, I’m too young to have to get saddled with this for the rest of my life and I don’t want to deal with that I’d rather – you know, it’s just time to take control.

The Past:

I had always been able to drop five to ten pounds if I really needed to.  The key issue for me was being able to keep it off and I would do it by calorie restriction and not by anything else really and so what would happen is I’d lose it and then the second I’d creep up at all in calories, boom, it was right back!  And I just think that knowing that I now had a really serious life-threatening potential staring me in the face I knew that that wasn’t the answer anymore and I kind of just felt like I needed some motivation and some outside help to get to this goal because I only had three months to make a significant enough difference for my doctor to be happy with the results because you never work as hard when it’s just you.

The Prevention:

So I knew I needed a trainer but then the other element that was important to me was really getting the nutrition part taken care of and that was something that you guys offered.

The Program:

I needed someone who could really help me understand what kinds of foods I should eat and even the ratios of carbs versus protein.  I would have had no idea how to balance that out and really target what I needed to do to turn around my blood sugar number.

The Practicality:

In the last three months I’ve probably spent two weeks of every month away from home.  If I didn’t have an overall strategy of kind of how to counteract that situation I could very easily have stalled out a number of times.

Again, if I’m trying to stick to a daily, this is what you have to eat today, I would have been sunk.  I don’t like to work out!

The Progression:

But I don’t mind it as much as I used to because I’m seeing – I don’t mind working out as much as I used to because I’m really seeing results and when I was just walking or doing little things I wasn’t seeing really big results.

The Push:

When I went for my first checkup about two to two and a half months after I had started on this program my blood sugar number dropped probably close to 40 points and that was pretty significant.  I was truly amazed when I went in and after just two to three months everything had gone from completely out of whack to being under control.  I mean, it was an amazing shift in less than three months and you’re probably going to keep going right?  And I said, yes!  I am going to keep going.

And so I went back again three months later so now it would have been six months total on the program and he came in the room and he said, well, you know, you did pretty well three months ago but now you’re just showing off!

Because now not only are your numbers in the normal range they’re like all in the middle or low end of the range and he said he wanted to see me again in a couple of months and then if I’m still where I was there or better then he said we’ll start cutting back the medication with the goal being getting off.  So I’m very happy about that!

The Perception:

I think I am a classic example of somebody that thought, I’ll always be fat, I’ll never be in shape.  I like to eat too much.  I don’t eat that badly, I mean, I really didn’t eat that badly before.  I thought I was doing all the right things but, again, when you don’t have the wherewithal to understand just what a difference it makes to use some kind of ratio of proteins, fats and carbs that make sense for your body you can count calories all day long and not get any results but if you’ve got that strategy and if you’re combining that with exercise, I mean, I just think monumental changes can be made.

The Power:

Well, so far I’ve lost 20 pounds and I’ve been working really hard to get myself in shape and so now that I’m getting in shape don’t act like I was always like this because I wasn’t and if I can do it, you can do it!  And it is true.

So the nicest benefit of this is actually not being afraid to go in my closet and putting on something to wear because it used to be such a challenge everyday and now it’s not, it’s kind of fun.

The Pain:

I just, I really was – I mean, I would stand there at the mirror and just like what can I do to not look this fat because I don’t have time to lose weight before dinner tonight.  And it’s just nice to not have that battle, that constant battle.

The Payback:

Even though I really hemmed and hawed about do I really want to spend this kind of money to pay somebody to do this, I don’t regret it and my husband and I both agreed it’s probably been one of the best investments financially that we’ve made in the last several years because he just said, you have to look at this as – this is an investment that you have to make.  We all want you around so you’ve got to do this and, yeah, we’ll support you and help you financially to do it because it’s just that important and I think anything that’s worth having is worth investing in and my health was worth it to me so I was willing to invest the money and the time and the effort to do it and it’s paid off so I have no regrets!

When you find yourself at a place where you know that what you’ve done in the past hasn’t been successful, you know, it’s time to reach out and get help and I have found the help that I’ve gotten has just has helped to change my life.

The Possibilities:

And, yeah, I could have looked online for video workouts and I could have looked up nutritional things and stuff but it’s not the same as having somebody who does this for a living, walking with you and saying, turn this way, turn this way.  It made a huge difference for me and I think it would for anybody.