Jess of Dallas: Down 26 lbs with Personal Trainer & Dietitian

Tell us about yourself…

I’m Jess (Glossbauch) I’m from all over the place.  I just (ended) up in Dallas, was born in Kansas, lived all over the place growing up.  I work for AT&T.  I’m a network manager there.

Why did you seek out help?

One was that my family has a history of heart disease.  So I’ve got to keep the weight under control.  I’ve got to keep the high blood pressure under control and I was on medications for it and I was like, you know, yeah, this is a short-term solution but it’s really a bad long-term solution.  And the second was I was looking in the mirror and I was like, there’s a fat blob there!  I don’t want to see that anymore.  So, okay, I’m done!

Why Elect Wellness?

So, I’ve worked with a trainer before and it worked but it didn’t last so then I went looking and found Elect Wellness and said, yeah, this will work for me.  The combination of the nutrition and the trainer workout, it seems like, yeah, I think this will work best and it’s worked pretty well so far.

What did you like about us?

The thing that really attracted me to it was the science behind it.  You know, the network – I’m an engineer by trade and my family is really big into the nutritional stuff so I know the basics of it but it was, you know, here’s everything we’re doing and here’s why we’re doing it.  Here’s why you’ve got to (unintelligible) 1:28, here’s why you’ve got to have this much protein, here’s why you’ve got to do this type of exercise.  When I worked with (Bob), my trainer, he would do this exercise, okay, what are we working here?  Why am I doing this?  And he explains it really well.

What’s your favorite part?

Probably the personal interactions with everybody, with the trainer, with the nutritionist; there’s a whole lot of feedback.

Initial improvements?

I found the first month that I was on the program I lost like eight pounds or something like that.  I noticed a difference in myself but, you know, other people around me said, are you on a diet, are you really doing stuff?

Pounds lost so far?

As of yesterday I’m down 26 so far.  I’m down two pant sizes so far.

How do you feel now?

I definitely do feel different.  I feel more powerful for lack of a better term.  Just walking around is like I’m more in control of my body.  Just the little things.

How long have you been with us?

Four months for that so far and I’ve signed on for a year so I’m still not to my goals yet but we’re still steadily progressing and going to get there probably ahead of when my initial goal was.  We’ll get to where I want to be before when I planned I’d get there so we’ll have some time to do some more stuff and get there.

Thoughts on the exercise?

I think what’s been different for me, especially with this approach because it’s not just the free-weights but, you know, (Bob) used the sandbag and all of the other different stuff so it’s all the balance muscles, the controlling muscles which are developed probably for the first time in my life but I’ve never seen a sandbag before; completely and utterly shocked me.  It is a great exercise but I’ve nicknamed it the Sandbag of Doom because every time we get it its like, I’m just completely and totally wiped by the end of it.  Great, I’m getting a lot out of it but it’s like, I think I just used every muscle in my entire body.

Any advice for others?

The opportunity is there to get out of it what you want.  It’s going to be work.  It’s not easy but it’s straightforward.  You know, everybody at Elect Wellness is very good at saying, here’s the path, if you follow it you will see the results.

Was it hard to commit?

You know, I’ve said I’m going to do it for a year.  I can survive anything for a year.  If you do it for three months or six months then you can survive anything for three months to six months.  Now, as I’m finding out it’s not just going to be for a year, it’s going to be okay, I’m completely revisiting everything I think about food and how I do stuff and no I can’t get the chicken fried chicken when I go to Chili’s all the time but then it’s like, okay, well this sucks but then I go and look in the mirror and say, yeah but it doesn’t suck that bad; I can handle that!

Will you keep the lifestyle?

I honestly think my future self myself will see the pain, the work, the results and all of what I worked at and the results, why would I ever want to go back?

As of yesterday I’m down 26 so far.  I’m down two pant sizes so far. - Jesse