James of Carrollton, TX, Conquers Cerebral Palsy, Gains 30 Pounds of Muscle

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

James Story… Continued!

He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was about 6 months old. We found out when he was about a year old that he was deaf in the left ear. When he was little, the doctor had told us that he was going to be a “vegetable.” Well, as soon as they told me that, um I started looking for alternatives. I knew there wasn’t, this child wasn’t going to be brain dead. I mean there was no doubt about it. This child was not going to be a “vegetable” which is a horrible, horrible thing to call anybody, especially a child that you have no you know clue about. This child is a baby. Who knows what they’re going to develop and accomplish? 

He started walking when he was 3. Um he was so cute ‘cause he had one of those little, bitty walkers when he was little, and um and he hated that thing. Oh, he just hated it. He was so stubborn. He wanted to walk on his own and he’d get up and he’d fall. And he’d get up, and he’d fall. He looked up at me, he just kind of pushed his walker away and started running like a bat out of you know what. He was just running, and it was always funny because we always said Blake never walked, he always just ran.  

And he couldn’t articulate his fingers. His left hand was more affected than his right. He just couldn’t get the traditional sign language down at that time, and um, but we learned enough baby sign, if you will. And then, you know to say, “I love you,” he, he used to hold his little fingers down like this to be able to say, “I love you,” but he’s uh, he’s exceptional. He finds ways to communicate and get his point across and he has always just tried to figure it out. And so, what you can accomplish and what he can accomplish and what we all can accomplish is based on what we have inside of us, and what we want to do. I think you can overcome just about anything.

He has taken the next step as far as speech is concerned which is something that we didn’t really even consider in all of this, but um, it’s not even so much the desire to want to talk because he has always had that desire, but the ability to move his tongue has probably been the biggest limiting factor. So doing an “M” or a “P” or a “B” because he’s got real good muscle control here hasn’t ever been a challenge for him, but doing the formation of everything like the word the word “map” or the word “dad” um, he’d never said “dad” before. Two months ago, we were in the living room talking and he said, “Dad,” and he said it as clear as day. And it’s the first time he’d ever said “dad.” Um we attribute that to what has happened here, but the muscle control, the confidence, um the breath support, the things that just working out does for the body has also helped in that respect and that’s a residual that we didn’t expect to happen. Um who knows what’s going to happen in 6 months? He’s going to stay with us. This is a lifetime commitment for him. He knows this.   

He’s got a very fast metabolism. Let’s just say you know things happen. He just stops. He realizes his body would probably digress back to a very skinny state. This whole eating thing, and going in and getting his protein shakes, and looking at packaging and going, “Okay. I need this many calories. I’ve got to get this extra in here. Um I need to put this extra cereal in here, “or what have you, just like you’ve talked to him about. You’ve given him the advice and he has taken the advice, and the progress is showing. And he’s excited about that commitment because he feels the difference. He knows in his body it’s the right thing to do, and um so that’s exciting. It’s exciting to watch him take control of himself.