Business Owners Love our Approach: Gary Gets Fit & Debra Beats MS Challenges

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us about yourselves…

Gary: I’m Gary and this is Deborah Hopper. I’m in my sixth season of life, Debra not so much. I’m a car dealer, which i’m very busy.  That’s the reason that i kind of wanted to set up with elect wellness we have three three daughters, three grown daughters, that are all grown four grandchildren five dogs so we lead a busy life for senior people

Why were you looking for help?

Gary: My biggest reason was she has M.S. which you can’t tell by looking at her. I couldn’t really take her to a gym, I mean because people try to push you. Even if she tried to do some yoga and stuff before they want to push.

Debra: And then i’ll regret it and i don’t want to work out.

What drew you to Elect?

Gary: And the nice part is is we get to do it in our home there’s not a lot of other people around.

Debra: Well i can’t do germs so with ms and we’re fixing to delete my immune system again.

Gary: So we have to be very careful. The time that you’ve taken with her I mean it’s just been phenomenal. With you and Elect Wellness is that if i need a week off, then we make it up in another week. One of the best options we’ve had during Covid is we’ve been able to Facetime. So you know when we couldn’t be together then you Facetimed us.  We’ve even you Facetimed us when we’re in our motor home on a trip, so it’s really good so you don’t have to lose that workout

What benefits have you noticed?

What’s it been seven months? I think the things that she’s doing now that she wasn’t doing that’s really starting to show on her. And then i got on the mountain bike for 10 miles in Colorado the other day. Showed on me too.

Debra: And we got really good reports today from my M.S. doctor, balance on everything os good. I think it attributes to working out with Susan.

Gary: They’re fun. I mean you, of course, i thought well you weren’t very hard on me and then you started getting harder they’re very good workouts but i like the way that they’re planned out it’s not just to try to do I guess muscle mass that it’s an overall workout that, especially for us, it works
very well.

What would you say to others?

Gary: If you look at it, you think it’s expensive.  I mean I did. It was a little bit costly, but it was, to me, it was worth it for her.  I could have done some other route, but i’m really glad that I have done it.  It’s changed our lives a lot.