Busy Working Mother Loses 20 with Local Home-Delivered Fitness Company

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Erica Thompson, I live in The Colony and I’m in special educations.

Why did you seek help?

With two young kids there’s like no time to work out or really do much of anything and you’re so tired. It was just – it was catching up to me and even after my youngest son I was still having issues with blood pressure and just kind of on the borderline for high blood sugar and diabetes and all of that kind of stuff and so I think that my doctors were ready to put me on a pill to take care of both of those things and so I really wanted to try to work it out, diet and exercise first before going the whole medication route.

I knew for me and the lifestyle that we have now with two young kids I really wanted someone to be able to come to my home. I just figured that would be the best way to ensure that I would still be able to do it.

What did you like most?

Just from start to finish it’s just been exactly what I needed. I mean, I love the thoroughness, if that’s a word, of the nutrition part of it and just really breaking down the numbers and finding out what I specifically needed and I mean, every workout I really like get my heart rate going, I get a good sweat going, so it’s just been – it’s been amazing; just everything about the program is awesome.

Tell us about your results?

I mean, obviously the most noticeable is that I’ve lost 20 pounds and it feels good to hear friends say, wow, you’re looking great, what are you doing? And it’s also good to say that I just did it the good old fashion way with diet and exercise that there was no fad diet or pill or anything that I took and I really – I don’t now the last time that I had been – that I’ve stuck with anything that long and just continued to see consistent results as far as weight loss, my cloths fit way better and I’m down two dress sizes so that’s good and my blood pressure has improved, I don’t have any issues with blood pressure.

I just feel better, I have more energy which is hard being a special ed. teacher and having two young kids. You know, the fact that I don’t come home and just crash at 7:00 o’clock in the evening is really good and I think just overall like it helps my confidence and it makes me feel better, it makes me more motivated to continue and I feel like this is truly a lifestyle change like it’s not something that I am just counting on the days to when I can eat whatever again. Like I really feel like this is my new normal and that was something that I felt I would struggle with, accepting these new changes, but it really is totally manageable for me and just keeping things in moderation and still being able to see those consistent results.

Erica’s Advice…

I would say do it, for sure! This has been the absolute perfect match for me just in every way from the nutrition part of it; knowing all of the details about what I need to eat per meal and per day and along with the exercise part of it the training program has just been – it’s been phenomenal.