Plano Developer Builds Fitness with In Home Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching of Elect Wellness

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell is a little about yourself

My name is Dave.  I live in Plano.

Why were you looking for help?

Originally played sports in college a long time ago and I’ve never been able to sort of find a routine or get back into a rhythm or something that worked for me.

What drew you to Elect Wellness? 

Going to the gym for me hadn’t worked in the past.  With work and travel, I needed a lot of flexibility.  The personal attention to my program, the nutrition component, coming to my house. Just a lot of really personalizations and convenience things.

How has the experience been?

The journaling, advice, tips,  facts about food I was eating in the past and how it had an impact in my weight, energy,  and stuff like that has been huge.  I feel like I’ve built that base up both physically and nutrition wise, so I can continue on into the future.

What benefits have you noticed?

I feel a lot better.  I feel stronger and I feel more comfortable with where I am fitness wise. Don’t limit your idea of what’s possible. Think about what matters to you and what you’re looking for.