*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us a little about yourself…

My name is Dana Smith. I live in Frisco, TX, and I travel for work. I’m in Sales and for fun we like to do DIY stuff. We like to create projects, work on projects. A lot of times it’s yard work, sometimes it’s fun things like going on races and watching my husband do triathlons.

Why were you looking for help?

So, the first thing that happened was my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. And I had already started as a woman in her mid to late 40s had already started having post-menopausal issues, but when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer it caused all of us girls to get tested, because she was a positive for the bracket II Gene. I too tested positive for the bracket 2 Gene, which then meant that I needed to either figure out if I needed to have surgery to get all those things out of me or if I just continue with my life and hope and pray that I don’t get cancer. So I moved forward with having surgery, and I had a double mastectomy and a partial hysterectomy, all within three months of each other. And once that happened the weight gain that was already coming on from being post-menopausal, or premenopausal, was just like rampant, it just like came on. And one morning I woke up and stepped on the scale and said that is a number that is not going to sit right. That is a number that I don’t ever want to see again, and that was the day that I said to my husband I need to do something, and I need to do something that’s more than just what I’m doing now.

What drew you to Elect Wellness?

What benefits have you seen?

The benefits have been great. I’ve lost around 30 pounds with it, and that happened within less than a year. I would say about within a like nine month period, I lost 30 pounds, which was about you know right. I didn’t need to lose anything extreme I just needed to get down to a number that was better on the scale than what I was at and um you know it was fairly easy. I

What would you say to others?

"do it now," dana says