Brittany of Dallas, TX, Loses 20 lbs and Sets Sights on 5K

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

What drew you to Elect?

The system was actually found by my father in law. He saw an article about it and he’s the one who directed us to the website. We thought it would be a good method because it wasn’t just training and it wasn’t just the nutritionist. I had people that I work with that had one or the other and they weren’t getting results. It was the combination. So we kind of decided to do it together and my father in law was gracious enough to help us fund it so it was kind of like, “alright, let’s try this.”

Any fears starting?

I just knew that I was gonna get set up with like some big bulky muscle-bound guy, comes in, and I thought his name would be Sven, and that he would be quasi-good-looking but mean at the same time cause he could bench press me. And, um, so I was really surprised when in comes this little she-devil Denise. She’s tiny. Tiny, tiny.

I can run three miles now, which I would not have been able to do, and I’m getting really excited about a 5k; and I can promise you, at 212 pounds when you walked in here seven months ago, I was not thinking that I could do that at all.

What changes did you see with your in-home personal training and nutrition coaching?

I was really excited to see my blood pressure, my heart rate numbers really get down, because it’s kind of distressing to be 28 and your resting heart rate’s you know 90 something. You’re thinking, it shouldn’t be that. But just in that short amount of time, I’ve made a big drastic change in that. I never would have thought I would have been here. I’m so much better off at even 20 pounds less than I would have been at the 212 where I started. And now I have the tools to keep going with this.

Nutrition coaching thoughts?

You need to have this many grams of protein. You need to have this much carbs, you know. And the best way to learn about how to do that, especially in the very beginning, is entering your log. If you don’t enter them, it’s just a lot of numbers. But, when you take numbers and you do graphs, and you get colors, it all starts making connections. And you understand, ok, if I want to build muscle, I have to eat protein. I can see here, I’ve logged in and I’m not getting the number I need … so where do I need to make the adjustment. You’re not just getting a “so here’s this box … make your life fit into it.” But it’s, ok so this isn’t working for you, let’s do something else.

The monthly assessments?

There’s been moments I wanted to cancel on training. There’s been moments I wanted to cancel on Kelsey, especially the Thanksgiving one. I really dreaded that one. But, I’m glad that I did it, because again, you can’t hid from yourself. So, if your results were not awesome, then you can say, ok, what did I do badly or poorly this month, how can I do better? So it’s actually a good thing to have them every month so that you … “here’s your bench mark.” It’s like any business too. If you just let it go and you have one meeting a year … ah, ok … but if you have little mini meetings along the way, you get better results.

So that’s why I did it. I was kind of forced to do it. But I am so glad that someone pushed me to do it because I never would have been where I’m at now if someone hadn’t “done the little extra step.”

After the camera was thought to have stopped:

I am much healthier than I was 6 months ago. I actually wish that I had a reason to go to a doctor’s appointment so I could stand on the scale and my doctor could go, “wow, what did you do?” and I could tell her all about my Elect Wellness experience … ummm … but unfortunately, I’m healthy enough that I don’t have to go to the doctor. I feel like I know where to go from here, and that you guys basically gave me the step up so that now I can keep going with it.

I am much healthier than I was 6 months ago