Brian Loses 50 Pounds with the In-Home Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching of Elect Wellness

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Brian Beatty I live in Prosper Texas. I am a mortgage banker and for fun I like watching sports.

Why were you looking for help?

I started looking for help with my health and fitness because I was overweight, wasn’t feeling good, tired, lethargic. I knew I just needed to make a change.

What drew you to Elect Wellness?

I wanted an in-home solution. So, we were just coming off covid and that was part of it, but also because my work schedule I needed something where I could come home, and then have, you know, a trainer come in and help me there, rather than spend the time driving somewhere to get it done.

What benefits have you seen?

Experience has been way more than I expected. I mean, it’s been great. We’ve got tremendous results so far. I’m down about 50 pounds which was the goal for the year.

What would you say to others?

I would say give them a call. check it out look at the program. There was so much I thought I knew that I didn’t know, and I was able to learn how to take better care of my nutrition, how to work out properly. I actually had it all backwards. I thought I’ll just work out harder and I can lose some weight, but it’s more about what you’re putting in your body and then utilizing that training properly.
"give them a call," says brian