Lantana Couple Rewrite Future with Fitness Focus

*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.

Tell us about yourselves…

Alan: I’m Alan Jackson and I live in Lantana, Texas.

Delores: And I’m Delores Jackson.

What prompted you to look for help?

Delores: He was not feeling well and so our son called me and said you guys need to contact an in-house trainer. So that’s why I just started searching, Googling at first, you know, with this area with trainer, in-home trainers. And I looked at Elect Wellness Web site and I was very impressed with their Web site so I called you all.

What impressed you?

Delores: Just reading through it and professional and done well and I guess there were some testimonials on there and it was just all appealing to me the way everything was put together.

What drew you?

Delores: When we met our trainer she was just really bubbly and personable and so was our nutritionist.

Alan: You all were just professional, very pleasant, certainly not judgmental about what you’re trying to do. I mean, just the professionalism was great and the accountability that came with it.

Delores: Another thing I liked about Elect Wellness was the flexibility that you all would work with what we wanted to do.

Alan: And the beauty of the in-home visits is, for instance, if I’m tired I won’t go to the gym and work out but with the trainer showing up it didn’t matter whether I was tired or not, she was coming and we’ve got to work out and after she would leave I certainly did, felt much better that I went ahead and did the workout and I think that’s the advantage of in-home training.

Describe your results…

At Christmas time I could not get out of a sofa or a chair without breathing hard and as a result of the workouts and the nutrition, you know, learning how to eat, recording everything, it feels great. I was depressed when I was as heavy as I was and I had basically given up any hope of getting back in shape but after this program, you know, I look forward to workouts. The guys at work are asking me how did I do it and refer your company to them. It’s just a complete lifestyle change, personality change as well, because I’ve got more confidence and I just overall feel better.

Delores: For me it was fitting into my clothes comfortably again because I was still wearing the same clothes but they were so tight and I felt … it was miserable.

Alan: I had a breathing machine, a sleep machine, CPAP, I don’t use that anymore and my asthma is not — I don’t have issues with asthma as I had. I mean, I was using the rescue inhaler maybe twice a day but now I might use it once every three or four weeks.

Message for others?

Alan: There’s no better time than the present because the longer you wait the less time you have to enjoy your new body and new lifestyle.

We thoroughly thank you for helping us regain control of our lives.