Catherine of Dallas Enjoys Weight Loss without Ever Feeling Hungry or Deprived

I’m Catherine Jackson, and I’m originally from Baltimore, currently from Dallas.

In life, whenever I’ve tried to lose weight, all I knew was to cut calories – basically starvation. Now that I’m 50 that just doesn’t work anymore. I needed some guidance to find a way to lose weight in a more healthy and sustainable way.

I had a friend who had amazing results and I couldn’t argue with her success, so I was bound to try what she was doing. It was easy to incorporate the nutrition program into my lifestyle, and include my current activities and work life, and not have it be too intrusive or take up too much time in my day. Quite frankly, it was easy.

Finally I was able to enjoy a well balanced and healthy nutrition plan. In fact, I ate significantly more food than I normally do, and still had success and reached my goal. I lost weight eating more food, it was great!

Embrace the food logging. No one likes it, it’s “horrible,” but I do have to believe it was the key to my success. There were plenty of those days that I hated logging my food; but when I looked back and saw the success and realized that it was working … it was significant motivation.

[Thanks for sharing this bit of wisdom from your experience, Catherine! Implementing a new habit, being transparent about nutrition, and taking action on the feedback and coaching is not always easy … but it’s always worth it in the end!]

Catherine of Dallas photo