Now Hiring: Fitness Sales Professional in Dallas

We are currently seeking an intelligent and energetic individual for our Sales Support role. The primary responsibility (though there are others) is making and receiving calls to book new appointments with our team. (not cold calls)

Formal education and sales experience is desired, in addition to possessing a strong passion to help people improve themselves. A rewarding stream of income is enjoyed by connecting those in need or our services to our proven solutions.

Benefits of Working with Us:

  • You get to maintain your independence, working from home (or your favorite coffee shop :) )
  • You don’t have a manager looking over your shoulder while you answer phone calls
  • Calls can be forwarded to your cell so you aren’t trapped in any one place
  • No cold calling to sell personal training to those who have no interest in speaking with you
  • You will be included in our company’s weekly health and fitness education meeting to continue to develop your health and fitness knowledge and wisdom
  • You get to represent a company that stands for the traditional principles and family values contributed so heavily to the greatness of our country
  • You get to change lives, every single day
  • You get to play an important role in the growth and development of our thriving company, and the accomplishment of our shared vision
  • You get to experience a higher level of career satisfaction by playing a key role in the testimonies of life change that we are blessed to routinely hear
  • You get to enjoy real W2 employment, selling real services that get real results, along with benefits, on a team of amazing people … as opposed to being an unappreciated independent contractor or disrespected MLM distributor

Who we are looking for:

  • Passionate people who resonate with our culture and wish to improve others’ quality of life
  • Professionals with a Business, Marketing, Sales, Exercise Science, Nutrition, Physiology, Health Promotion, Kinesiology, or related degree
  • Motivated individuals who desire to build a strong ladder within a fast-growing business, as opposed to simply trying to climb one inside a huge stagnant company


Go here to fill out our online application and carefully follow the instructions.

Thank you for your interest!

What Our Employees Have to Say About Us:

“I have been working at Elect Wellness for more than an year. You get to manage your own schedule and teach life-long nutrition and fitness tools to help clients who find themselves in the worst shape of their lives, grow into healthier, more athletic, and more confident individuals. You get to work closely with the owners of the company, who emphasize continued education to broaden tools and skills to continue helping clients. The services are mobile so you aren’t stuck inside all day. The owners and staff are knowledgable and friendly. Even through “growing pains” of a small company, they have worked tirelessly to continue expanding Elect Wellness to bring in a steady stream of new clients.”  – from a registered dietitian


“I have been working at Elect Wellness full-time for more than 3 years. I like the Christian values. It’s a fun job, with great pay and lots of work available. The company has intelligent and fun owners with a plan. Really a great career! Also, I like that there is no working on weekends. No cons really to mention. Be prepared for a full schedule! – from a personal trainer


“They are a christian based company with strong values that support that. Flexible schedules, and owners who really care about their employees and helping them best use their talents and abilities to get the job done. They have a very strong knowledge on health and fitness, and never hesitate to voice a job well done to those who work for the company. Due to the fact that it’s a mobile business, face-to-face connection between employees can be lacking. But that really improves through monthly team meetings to keep everyone on the same page and heading in the same direction. This is a very minor con. The work-life balance example, and encouragement of the same to those who work for you is very much appreciated. They care about their employees and their growth.” – from an administrative assistant