About Thomas C. Jensen

Thomas and Jamie Jensen, Owners of Elect Wellness

In 1995, Thomas C. Jensen began a serious investigation into how the human body responds to food, exercise, and supplementation. He became obsessed with the way in which it becomes stronger and healthier when exposed to certain practices and conditions. His motivation for obtaining this knowledge may not have been lofty at the time, but it was passionate, pure, and well-publicized: he told everyone he was going to become a better basketball player and be able to jump high enough to dunk the following year. Many told the barely 5’11” high school freshman that he may become better, but dunking the basketball was too ambitious of a dream for him to become reality. They reminded him that although a good handful of “short” basketball players could dunk, they were born with a inexplicable talent for leaping.

The unbelief of others only seemed to fuel the fire that was already lit inside. Thomas discovered and subscribed to a regular newsletter from a biochemist that explained how the nutrients in certain foods could make muscles stronger and able to respond faster. He learned the principles of progressive overload and adaptation. He uncovered the secrets of neuromuscular coordination, and the importance of functional balance and flexibility. He became obsessed, eating a diet packed with the ingredients for muscle, and faithfully following a resistance training for explosive power.

The science-based recipe worked. Thomas went from 150 pounds of skin and bone to 175 pounds of explosive power and quickness, in just 9 months. He was 20 pounds heavier than when he started the program, but his bodyfat % had dropped to the single digit range, and the improved power-to-weight ratio added 7 inches of height to his vertical jump. He could indeed now dunk the ball, and his transformed playing ability won him the year’s most improved player award. A variety of all-tournament selections and a 42 point single-game performance would follow.

Though basketball was a blast, it wasn’t long before Thomas realized how many other people could significantly benefit from implementing principles he had learned. With the ability of proper diet and exercise to lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, ease arthritis, diminish diabetes, cure obesity, and treat and prevent a host of other diseases and problems, Thomas realized the positive impact he could have on people. In 1999, he decided how he would spend his years…

He would spend his life devoted to leading people to live healthier, use natural healing, and choose wellness instead of illness. In 2003, He graduated summa cum laude from Harding University with a B.S. in Exercise Science, and membership in the Alpha Chi National Honor Society. He quickly joined the National Strength and Conditioning Association and earned their Certified Personal Trainer credentials. In early 2004, he launched T.C. Jensen Personal Training, and started delivering professional workouts to in-home clients. But people needed more than workouts. They needed planning, programming, help with their nutrition, and supplementation counseling. A service and name change was in order. The business became Jensen Fitness Management, offering services beyond mobile workouts. The more individuals Thomas assessed, the more muscle imbalance he noticed. Shoulders were hunched forward, backs were rounded, pelvis’s tilted, toes jutting outward, and knees bowing inward. This led to the study of muscular length-tension relationships and resulted in an additional certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Thomas possessed a desire to see the mindset of the general population changed. Every day, he would hear people classify themselves as victims: victims of disease, victims of genetics, victims of their upbringing, victims of a “cold and flu” season, or victims of hormonal imbalance. Thomas knew that everything happens in the body for a reason, and we can credit ourselves for the vast majority of those reasons. He wanted to see more people take personal responsibility for their health status, and determine to do something about it. It was apparent however, that people didn’t know exactly what to do or how to do it.

The business would undergo a final makeover. It would offer a vast array of home-delivered health and fitness services, as well as comprehensive and convenient programs for complete physical transformation. People would be left no excuse for falling short of their full potential. They would only have to … elect wellness.