Carrots and Bananas: Bad for You? Glycemic Index Talk

Sitting outside a Dallas Starbucks yesterday while enjoying a turkey-bacon egg white sandwich and a 1/2-pump peppermint green tea, I overheard a group of women sharing nutrition insight with one another. They had obviously just finished a workout, as evidenced by the audible moans while squatting into their chairs and the similar grunts of pain[…]

How to Lose 9.5 lbs without Exercising & without Cutting Calories

Yep, you heard me right. And this isn’t some scam, supplement, or quickly-reverting quick cleanse. This is pure food science. Be warned, there is math ahead, but it’s nothing anyone who wants to lose weight can’t keep up with and fully understand. Have you heard of TEF? Well it stands for “thermic effect of food.”[…]

Most Vital day of Year for Exercise

That’s right! If you don’t have some serious physical activity planned the day before Thanksgiving, get planning. Here’s why: I’m sure you’ve heard by now that tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, the average American will consume 4500 calories and about 230 grams of fat. (the avergae caloric intake of a 450 lb man) For those looking to[…]

2 peices of corn

Corn: An All-Too-Common Source of Allergies, Arthritis, & Auto-Immune Disorders?

In 1946, scientists made a discovery that we have unfortunately abused ever since: DNA can be transferred between organisms. We are now reaping the “benefits”  (read: sarcasm) of about 25 different genetically modified foods. In a cancer-filled world, you wouldn’t think that we could sleep at night while screwing with the DNA of life, but[…]

600 Million Pounds of Candy: Healthier Halloween Strategies

That’s right. Americans purchase 600 million pounds of candy every year for Halloween! Insulin surges, acid-worn teeth, food-dye poisoned bodies, you name it – in close keeping with all the decorative skeletons, it’s quite the celebration of deterioration. Furthermore, keeping candy around the house for Halloween trick-or-treaters can be a big burden to your waist[…]

7 Mistakes in Your Multivitamin: Analyzing Your Most Basic Supplement

Even the ultra-conservative (& often behind) American Medical Association recommends everyone take a Multi daily. The reasons are simple. Even if you eat a truly healthy diet (few of us even do that), we have deprived our soil of minerals (using chelating herbicides), and modified our foods to contain less nutrients (for taste, color, &[…]

Client Types: Results will be Relative

The Ownership Client:  This client understands that their improvements in health and fitness are ultimately up to them, and they accept that any decline in the same is their own fault. They look at their trainer and nutritionist as educated professionals who can provide information, motivation, structure, and accountability that they need to change. This client appreciates[…]

How do You Find Energy to Start a Country? Two Hours at a Time, Rain or Shine

So what was Thomas Jefferson’s “secret?” It was exercise. (how convenient for us, eh?) Furthermore, he was SERIOUS about it. Two-hours-a-day serious about it. Let this collection of his quotes on the matter educate and motivate you. Don’t cheat yourself by only reading a few short ones. Take 2 minutes and read them all. It’s[…]

You are being poisoned. Did you know?

You are being poisoned. It’s being done through the public water supply, and if you haven’t guessed what it is yet – without any further ado, it’s fluoride – a potent neurotoxin that harms multiple body functions. It’s not for me to say whether you are being PURPOSELY “dumbed down” as a sort of population[…]