Cancer Fighting Foods – Here’s 7 Powerful Ones

Many of us know an individual fighting cancer, whether they be family, friend, or acquaintance. We have actually been blessed to have the opportunity to work with a few at Elect Wellness, and are constantly inspired by their dedication to maintaining the best possible quality of life. . One client requested a list of cancer[…]

Hormone Imbalance – 8 Ways to Fight It

One of the most frightening things we face in life comes from the “inside-out.” It’s hormone imbalance, and it can scare away weight loss while spooking our bodies into shapes that we no longer even recognize as us. Here’s some ways to fend off the fear: 1. Avoid all soy products. Soy, 93% of which[…]

The Facts on Foot Pain And Plantar Fasciitis

You get out of bed and almost fall over, swearing you stepped on a nail that somehow was standing vertically on its head. You hobble around the house as flat footed as possible, careful not to strike your heel, where the pain is most potent. What the heck is wrong with my feet? You’ll hear[…]

Hell on Earth, Newtonian Physics, & a Yoga Teacher

As a camel in the office would be happy to remind you, it’s hump day. (yeah, Geico should pay me for that opener.) I thought I’d share with you 4 life-changing phrases, to get you over the “humps” in your own life. Engrain them into your subconscious, act on their wisdom, and you will be[…]

Carrots and Bananas: Bad for You? Glycemic Index Talk

Sitting outside a Dallas Starbucks yesterday while enjoying a turkey-bacon egg white sandwich and a 1/2-pump peppermint green tea, I overheard a group of women sharing nutrition insight with one another. They had obviously just finished a workout, as evidenced by the audible moans while squatting into their chairs and the similar grunts of pain[…]

guy laying on the floor

Reasons & Fixes for Workout Nausea

Most of us have been here before, at one point or another. You finish an incredible workout, having pushed every limit of every muscle group in your body, building a failure-inducing burn with every set, while minimizing or eliminating all your usual rest intervals. You expect to feel incredible (albeit sore and tired), like you[…]

Natural Cholesterol Control

11 Surprising Cholesterol Facts You Need to Know

1.  We don’t know what a healthy total cholesterol number is, or even if there is one. If it exists, it might be just north of 200.   2.  Some cholesterol actually helps to “patch” damaged blood vessels, so it might not be the demon we’ve made it.   3.  Statins, which block the enzyme[…]

Woman sneezing

The Truth about “Cold and Flu Season”

My guess is you have either had the creepy crud that is enraging the country, or know someone that has. Yes, it is “cold and flu season” again. And this year, it seems to be back with a vengeance! Approximately 50 million Americans will become infected with the flu this year, and millions more will[…]

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Fatloss Secret: 4-Step Order of Eating

Step 0 (vital habit BEFORE you start eating) You can only live for 4 minutes without oxygen, so oxygen is the first priority. Deep breathe 10 times prior to your first bite. The “French paradox,” the observation that the French don’t have our health problems, despite the lack of calorie restriction & food quality, is[…]

It’s a Terrible Resolution…

If you are anything like millions of other Americans, either “lose weight” or “get in shape” was near the top of your 2013 resolution list. . But, a common goal doesn’t mean common success. In fact, in this case, it means common failure. That’s right, 92% of people will fail to make their New Year’s resolution a[…]

12 Tips of Christmas

In light of a French chant that became a popular English carol, we’re giving you 12 health tips, loosely based on the song that celebrates the twelve traditional festive days of Christmas: A Partridge in a Pear Tree The perfect snack is a lean protein source and a piece of fruit, like turkey jerky &[…]

How to Lose 9.5 lbs without Exercising & without Cutting Calories

Yep, you heard me right. And this isn’t some scam, supplement, or quickly-reverting quick cleanse. This is pure food science. Be warned, there is math ahead, but it’s nothing anyone who wants to lose weight can’t keep up with and fully understand. Have you heard of TEF? Well it stands for “thermic effect of food.”[…]

Most Vital day of Year for Exercise

That’s right! If you don’t have some serious physical activity planned the day before Thanksgiving, get planning. Here’s why: I’m sure you’ve heard by now that tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, the average American will consume 4500 calories and about 230 grams of fat. (the avergae caloric intake of a 450 lb man) For those looking to[…]

Choose Beef over Pork: 7 Disturbing Reasons Why

1. A pig will eat anything: urine, feces, decaying flesh, maggots, and even the cancerous growths off other pigs. Their meat does not go unaffected. A cow, on the other hand, eats a vegetarian diet of mainly grass. 2.  Pigs have but one stomach to digest their food, and subsequently absorb the toxins in their[…]

600 Million Pounds of Candy: Healthier Halloween Strategies

That’s right. Americans purchase 600 million pounds of candy every year for Halloween! Insulin surges, acid-worn teeth, food-dye poisoned bodies, you name it – in close keeping with all the decorative skeletons, it’s quite the celebration of deterioration. Furthermore, keeping candy around the house for Halloween trick-or-treaters can be a big burden to your waist[…]

7 Mistakes in Your Multivitamin: Analyzing Your Most Basic Supplement

Even the ultra-conservative (& often behind) American Medical Association recommends everyone take a Multi daily. The reasons are simple. Even if you eat a truly healthy diet (few of us even do that), we have deprived our soil of minerals (using chelating herbicides), and modified our foods to contain less nutrients (for taste, color, &[…]

Client Types: Results will be Relative

The Ownership Client:  This client understands that their improvements in health and fitness are ultimately up to them, and they accept that any decline in the same is their own fault. They look at their trainer and nutritionist as educated professionals who can provide information, motivation, structure, and accountability that they need to change. This client appreciates[…]