New Additions


Banded Push up

Push up W/ Stability Ball

Incline Push up -1

Incline Push up – 2

Incline Push up – 3

Decline Push up

Diamond Push up

Alternating Staggered Push Up

SpiderMan Push ups

Hindu Push up


Wall Sits With Stability Ball

Bulgarian Split Squats with Stability Ball – 1

Bulgarian Split Squats with Stability Ball – 2

Bulgarian Split Squats with Stability Ball – 3

Single Leg Sit to Stand

Hindu Squats

​*The last one is the most informational, but also has both the original split squat and squat with the stability ball


*Lying L Sit

*Kneeling Half-Mountain Climber Bow Draw

*Lying Warrior

*Inchworm 1

Inchworm 2

​*Stretches to lengthen and warm up hamstrings before working them  out cold.

Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Lying Slider Leg Curl 

Single Alternating Leg and Both Legs Lying Leg Curls

Single Leg RDL (Bodyweight)

Single Leg Deadlift and Reach

Wall Glute Bridge (Bodyweight)

Hip Bridge Walk-Outs

Core and Shoulders

Elevated Hand Walk

Burpee with Rotation

Superman Pushups


Band Bent Over Row

Renegade Row

Quadraped Limb Raises

Reverse Snow Angels

Stability Ball Dolphin Kicks

Stability Ball Dolphin Kicks (Wide)

Handstand Hold

Isometric Wall Push (For Runners)

Isometric Wall Push (Strength Stance)

Good Mornings


Upright Row

Dumbbell Shrug

Banded Face Pull

Standing Back Fly


Narrow Tricep Pushup

Tricep Bow Pushup

Chair Tricep Extension

Tricep Kickback


Front Step Ups

Side Step Ups

Jumping Jacks

Mountain Climbers

High Knees

Bounce Squats

Jump Rope

Jump Rope with Suspension

Jump Rope Single Leg

Band Side Hops

Band Front/Back Hops

Band 4-Square Hops

Stair Runs

Karate Punches

Rock ’em Sock ’em

Diagonal Kicks

Front Kicks

Jab Jab Cross

Crazy Combo


Dumbbell Military Press

Dumbbell Arnold Press

Dumbbell Side Raises

Dumbbell Upright Row

Dumbbell Around the World

Band Military Press

Dumbbell 45 Degree Alternating Side Raise

Band Arnold Press

Band Side Raises

Band Front Raise

Band Upright Row

Band 45 Degree Side Raise

Band Internal Rotation

Band External Rotation

Ball Decline Military Press

Bodyweight Handstand Military Press

Bodyweight Pike Push Ups

Hip Extensors & Abductors


Overhead Squat

Dumbbell Squat

Band Squat

Reverse Lunge

Lateral Lunge

Walking Lunges

Dumbbell Bent Leg Deadlift

Banded Donkey Kick

Hip Bridge w/ Ball Roll Under

Medicine Ball Hip Thruster

Donkey Ceiling Press

Backside Plank

Rainbow Donkey Kick

Lying Side Leg Raises

Standing Hip Abduction

Fire Hydrants w/ Knee Extension

Standing Side Push Kick

Hip Hikes on Step

Hip Internal Rotation


Box Jump

Wall Sit

Wall Sit w/ Alternating Leg Extension

Quad Press

Quad Lever

Standing Band Leg Extension


Standing Heel Raise

Leaning Heel Raise

Ball Leaning Heel Raise

Leaning Single Leg Heel Raise

Bent Knee Heel Raise

Single Leg Bent Knee Heel Raise

Seated Heel Raise

Single Leg Heel Raise

Toe Walk

Pectoralis Major & Minor

Dumbbell Chest Press

Band Chest Press

Push Up

Incline Push Up

Decline Push Up

Wall Push Up

Band Wall Push Up

Band Push Up

Dumbbell Chest Fly

Band Chest Fly

Dumbell Squeeze Chest Press

Dumbbell Around the World

Spinal Extensors


Good Mornings

Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlift

Forearm Back Plank

Hand Back Plank



Latissimus Dorsi

Band Snow Angels

Band Lat Pull

Dumbbell Pullover

Band Lat Pull with Leg Extension

Band Reverse Grip Lat Pull

Rhomboids / Mid Traps

Dumbbell Reverse Fly

Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Band Row with Squat

Band Seated Row

Superman Lat Pull


Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Ball Leaning Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Reverse Grip Bicep Curl

Band Bicep Curl

Band Reverse Grip Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Seated Concentration Curl

Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Band Hammer Curls

Zottman Curl

Band Lying Bicep Curl

Dumbbell Drag Curls

Band Drag Curls


Dips on Ball

Wall Push Up-Tricep Focus

Dumbbell Skull Crushers

Band Skull Crushers

Ball Kickback with Hyperextension

Dumbbell Tricep Kickback

Band Standing Tricep Kickback

Band Tricep Pulldown

Band Reverse Grip Tricep Pulldown

Band Neutral Grip Tricep Pulldown

Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension

Band Overhead Tricep Extension

Hip Flexors & Adductors

Sit Ups

Front Push Kick

Leg Raises

High Knees

Inner Thigh Scissors

Band Standing Hip Adduction

Adductor Squeeze

Hip External Rotation


Lying Band Leg Curl

Standing Leg Curl

Hamstring Roll Under

Hamstring Curl with Foam Roller

Ham Lever

Stiff Leg Deadlifts

Good Mornings

Forearm Back Plank

Dumbbell Single Leg Deadlift


Heel Walking

Toe Raises

Heel Drops




Crunches with Target Reach

Sit ups

Bicycle Crunch

Oblique Heel Taps

Forearm Front Plank

Forearm Plank with Leg Raise

Forearm Side Plank

Forearm Side Plank with Leg Raise

Forearm Side Plank with Hip Dips

Lying Cross

Lying Cross with Hip Dips

Lying Cross with Leg Raise

Hand Front Plank

Hand Front Plank with Alt Arm Raise

Mountain Climbers

Lower Ab Ball Lift

Lower Ab Scissors

Flutter Kicks



Hip Flexor Deadman

Lower Trunk Rotation

Pec Wall Stretch





Rectus Femoris

Lat Stretching Child’s Pose






Triple Quad Roll

Calf Roll

Hamstring Roll

Vastus Medialis and Lateralis

Vastus Lateralis

Vastus Medialis

TFL Roll

Adductor Roll

Piriformis Roll

Serratus/Lat Roll

Thoracic Roll

Piriformis Release

Pec Minor Release

Iliacus Release

Trap Release