We Want to Give Our Clients the Opportunity to Inspire Others, by Sharing Your Progress & Success Stories!

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As a home-delivered service, you the clients of Elect Wellness enjoy all the advantages of comfort and convenience while improving your health and fitness. The not-so-obvious disadvantage, however, is that few people get to see your true journey to a better quality of life.

Though the ultimate results are evident, most of your hard work, self discipline, and what it took get there … end up going unnoticed by extended family, friends, colleagues, and other acquaintances. With this “behind-the-scenes transformation, you also miss out on the opportunity to celebrate small successes on the way to ultimate goal … celebrations which can help you stay motivated and on track.

The unfortunate often overlooked implication of our comfortable and convenient service is a lack of an exciting community of real people who share their challenges and breatkthroughs along their respective journeys. We want to help fix that. When a client loses 10 pounds in a month, we want to share and celebrate that. When a client is able to get off of medications, we want share and celebrate that. When a client can now perform an activity never before thought possible, we want to share and celebrate that. You see, each and every one of your accomplishments is an opportunity to inspire someone else who desperately needs to hear (1) THAT you made it happen and (2) HOW you made it happen.

While we are excited about “success sharing,” we understand that to some of you, the privacy of our service was the main attraction. We don’t want to betray your trust in our private service, so we decided to bluntly ask each client what level of “success sharing” you would be comfortable with before we make the mistake of ironically offending you while attempting to congratulate and recognize you.

People are sick and dying in your own family, your own neighborhood, your own church, and your own place of employment. As someone who recognizes the importance of natural health and fitness, and personal responsibility in maximizing quality of life, you can be an incredible inspiration to others by sharing small bits and pieces of your hard work and successes in moving toward your full physical potential.

With that in mind, please let us know what we can use to publicly congratulate you and celebrate your hard work and accomplishments: