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Thomas Jensen, NSCA-CPT, is the founder and president of Elect Wellness, a local company that combines home-delivered personal training with dietitian-led nutrition coaching to empower busy entrepreneurs and executives to both achieve and maintain health and fitness success. His popular blog, the Word on Wellness, has quickly amassed 2,000 regular readers. Thomas has been quoted in Men’s Health and featured on ABC News for the results seen by his company’s clients. He enjoys sharing what he has learned to help others improve their quality of life.

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He has worked 1-on-1 with people from all walks of life since May of 2003. But in December of 2008, he expanded his reach by forming Elect Wellness, and continues to change lives today through the help of his amazing team of personal trainers and registered dietitians. In this collection of secrets, he shares strategies for health, fitness, and weight loss success, based on his experience with hundreds of personal training clients.