In-Home Personal Trainer in McKinney TX

The Need for McKinney In Home Personal Training


One of the things that helped McKinney rank #1 as the most desirable place to live is it’s embracing of an active lifestyle. This can be seen through the presence of facilities like Cooper Craig Ranch, the Michael Johnson Performance center, the numerous baseball diamonds and soccer fields, and of course the home-delivered services of Elect Wellness. Both road biking and mountain biking are extremely popular as well.

McKinney is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. But … we need to make sure that we as residents can’t be described in the same way! McKinney is full of young 30-something couples who are trying to do many of the same things they did more easily when they were single and in their twenties. McKinney also has plenty of baby boomers, who chose to move northward, away from the crowded big city. These residents want to maintain their strength and and ideal body weight as a prelude to a long, healthy, uncomplicated quality of life. We are doing a good job of helping McKinney residents get fit, as evidenced by the comments below.


7 Reasons Our McKinney In Home Personal Training is Your Key to Body Transformation

By coming to your home in the McKinney area, your personal trainer better learns your specific lifestyle challenges and can prevent them from becoming roadblocks on the path to your desired body and health. No equipment? No problem. We bring all the necessary tools with us!



You don’t have to waste money on gas driving around McKinney, mileage off your car, or even worse: your precious time trying to get yourself and even kids to and from a germ-infested gym with minimal & often questionable childcare.




You get personalized instruction from not just a teenage weekend-certified rep counter on ‘roids, but a real professional trainer with intense education in anatomy, physiology, & natural health & fitness.




Our unique Comprehensive Biometric Assessments will give you the much-needed month-to-month motivation you need to hit your checkpoints on time and achieve your overall goals. Your own fitness nutritionist in McKinney will come right to you with all the equipment needed for scheduled measurement.




Your own password-protected webpage complete with your ever-improving photos and 20 personal statistics will keep you excited on the journey to a new and better you. Get the benefits of a biggest-loser style visual of your change, right here from your personal trainer in McKinney, TX.



You will receive daily diet accounting and weekly nutrition coaching – not from a multi-level marketing supplement salesperson, but a trained nutrition professional who helps you make choices that result in lasting change. Furthermore, the nutritionist will visit your home monthly to make sure you are seeing the progress you need to see, and your fridge and pantry are supporting your goals instead of robbing results.

You’ve got nothing to lose: We offer a 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee of Your Satisfaction with Our Service and Your Progress. That’s right: if on the 29th day, you tell us that we haven’t delivered what you thought you were buying, we’ll refund every penny paid & respectfully say goodbye.




What One of Our Clients Recently Said About Our McKinney In Home Personal Training During Their Post-Program Interview


[Craig and Atha were fun clients. Though Craig worked nights and Atha worked days, they aligned their schedules in the early evening to train together. With Craig trying to gain and muscle and Atha trying to lose weight, it was quite the challenge to keep them on their individual their individual nutrition plans. However, we found ways  to get it done – not without the help their five year old daughter, who was always quick to correct (or report to their trainer during the sessions, lol) any deviation from the diet.]


What caused you to look for a health and fitness solution?

Craig: We went to Disney World and decided we were out of shape walking around so we’re like, let’s start working out.  I reached a plateau, we were both trying to lose weight and I was trying to gain some strength.

Atha: That’s true.  We have a five-year-old daughter who we’ve been couch potatoes for, I guess our whole 14-year marriage basically and we didn’t want to be a couch potato for her so we needed to get up and get moving.


Why Elect Wellness?

Craig: We had a Christian background and that enticed us and also the three free sessions which gave us an opportunity to meet the trainer and…

Atha: Because we were really nervous about what it was like to have somebody come and exercise with you and not know them.


What did you notice first from your training?

Craig: My energy level is insanely better since I started training it’s just unbelievable what it’s done for a lot of aspects in our lives.  Tom brought our intensity to who other level.

Atha: I really didn’t.  I thought I didn’t but I didn’t know what intensity was.

Craig: That was another thing especially with Atha, helped with form and preventing injury and stuff.  Atha’s come a long way in four of my exercises and it’s really helped her.


How many calories are you burning now during your 45 minute workout?

Usually in the 7 to 800 calorie range so much, much better than what I used to do.  I probably was in the 2 or 300 calorie range workout.


How has in-home training helped?

Atha: It’s very convenient, it’s the hours, you know, the scheduling of the appointments were very good and it’s nice not to have to go to a gym especially when we worked out before we joined Elect Wellness but we didn’t really alter it.  I didn’t really know what I was doing so, I mean, to go to a – I would have never went to a gym and tried to work out in front of people.  It’s nice to work out at home.  No need for childcare.  We don’t have to do anything.  She just plays in the comfort of her own home and comes and joins in, watches, and she’s actually, she’s five, and she started working out with us so she’s a real inspiration and our trainer when its Tom’s off day. So hopefully it will stick with her as she grows up.


What improvements have you noticed?

I feel better, not as tired and lethargic as I have been in the past.  I’ve gotten quite a bit of weight off so that’s helped out a lot.  I have muscles I haven’t had before.

Craig: Absolutely.  I agree with everything she said, heart rates coming way down from around 90 to low 70’s approximately now so it’s a big help with me.  Also, I kicked the nicotine habit, Tom helped me with that, just having the accountability and that’s been a 25-year habit so in some for nicotine gum, nicotine patch, it doesn’t matter.

Atha: Yeah!

Craig: So that’s awesome, it’s been three months and a couple of weeks, no nicotine!  Yeah, he took my patches so I wouldn’t have that threat sitting over there on the counter.

Atha: I’ve lost inches so that’s nice. New clothes fit better.  So from a 16 to a 12 or a ten somewhere in the last year so it’s been very nice to be able to get down to – I weigh what I weighed when I got married.


What about your nutrition?

We started last year, spring-ish, doing it on our own and we went into diet mode because I didn’t know really how to eat because especially as a female you just go, don’t eat anything or eat no fat and so when we first was trying to eat fat I didn’t – I couldn’t find fat because I didn’t want to eat fat.  So I mean, but the balanced diet and nutrition has been tremendous.  You’re held accountable for everything that you eat by doing a daily food log.  They track it with you and give you feedback on what are you eating or why.  They don’t tell you exactly what to eat or not to eat something they give you suggestions and choices of what to put in its place.

But, they do – it’s not a diet plan.  They allow you to pretty much eat freely without feeling too much pressure but then you just get it to yourself that you want to do good and have good numbers.


Has your own nutrition coaching helped your daughter as well?

Olivia, she gets our eating habits and things.  I mean, she’ll make – she’ll say she made a good choice or she’ll say, this is a poor choose when she chooses her options.

Craig: Today she wanted pizza and without saying pizza she said, I have a bad choice.  I said, we’re going to go to lunch, I have a bad choice, pizza.  So she’s…

Atha: I mean, she’s knowing the difference, I mean that’s one that the she…

Craig: She’s more aware of nutrition.  Yep, he’s our food navigator, our nutrition navigator and we call him TomTom.


What would you say to someone considering Elect Wellness?

Atha: You should do it because if we can do it and stick with it then anybody would be able to do that and it’s actually brought us closer together.


What would you want to tell yourself when you feel like quitting?

It’s – I mean, it’s not worth it because we’ve come this far and for our daughter I just can’t sit on the couch and do nothing and have her grow up that way or have us not be around for her when she needs it the most.

Craig: It feels awesome.  It feels awesome!


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*Note: Your results may vary, depending on the both the level of your compliance with our program and strategies, and the speed at which your unique body responds.