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Personal Training Client Mansi P. of McKinney Comments on Our Service

Thank you for the information. You are very knowledgeable and I appreciate your quick response. I want to take this time to tell you and Jamie how impressed I am with your company and the level of commitment and dedication you have for your clients. It is unlike any other fitness model.


Loyola of McKinney Talks of Reducing Medications and Blood Glucose with the Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching of Elect Wellness

Loyola: My name is Loyola.  I live in McKinney, Texas.  I’m a director at an insurance company.


Why did you seek help?

Getting on three medications in my early 40’s and I thought, you know what, if I keep at this rate I’m not going to be around to raise my children.  My parents are – my mom, her birthday’s November 3 and she’s going to be 79 and my dad is 80 and they’re both in excellent health.  My mom was, oh I went to the gym yesterday morning and I was on the rowing machine for 30 minutes.  And at that time when I was thinking about a workout program I couldn’t even walk up the street for 30 minutes yet let’s get on the rowing machine!  I’m like, I’m going to let my 70-year-old mom have better fitness then me?  And I thought, okay, you know, what it’s time!


What made you serious?

Diabetes is a terrible disease, it’s a chronic disease.  I mean, it’s not – there’s nothing gracious about it.  You will dye slowly.  You may be looking at amputations or beign on insulin for the rest of your life.


Why Elect Wellness?

When you’re overweight you know, you’re embarrassed, you don’t like yourself, there’s self-esteem issues and so to really, really get to the core of so many issues, I mean, you need to be with someone that understands that intimacy and respects that and that’s what I felt.

It’s just a connection you knew and I knew I was talking to good people and then after really reading the Web site I knew that my faith was in line with the principals of your company as a believer and as a Christian I knew, okay, they understand where I’m coming from.  They understand the background and I think that we’ll work well together and we did.


What did you learn?

I didn’t realize how many calories I was taking in and I didn’t realize by reducing the amount of calories that I would still feel satisfied.

You know, if I was driving to a meeting I would look at like the places, the fast food places that were on the way and which one was I going to select on the way back regardless of whether I was hungry or not?

I don’t do that anymore.  My girlfriends, you know, instead of going to happy hour maybe we’ll go for a walk and to realize that it’s not about, you know, the wine or the food at happy hour, it’s about us getting together.


Tell us about the results…

I’ve lost 48 pounds and I’m continuing with the weight loss.  I take one pill a day as opposed to taking, I think I was up to five or six.  My glucose, blood glucose level, went from, I was averaging, 135 in the morning, my fasting and now my average is about 102.

The doctor’s prefer you to be under 110 in the morning.  My resting heart rate, on the average, now it’s like about 71 and I think when I started the program it was like in the 90’s in resting, just sitting down.  Who knew that it was taking that much for my body to work just to rest?  That was a big eye opener.


How did you do it?

I had to commit to myself that I’m in this for the rest of my life that this is going to be something I was going to have to do for the rest of my life.  So once I made the change in my mind, okay, this is what I’m going to do, then it made it simple, not easy but simple.

I think the best thing about what you guys did is that you came out and you evaluated and you looked at your staff and what my needs were and they just meet you where you are and, while I’ve never met your other trainers, I couldn’t have asked for a better person than (Susan) and I think that goes to the fact that, again, you get to know the people that you work with and so I was with the program for a year but I’m staying on it because there’s still a lot of weight to lose but based upon the tools that I received from Elect Wellness and the support they have, I feel strong enough where I can do this on my own.


What advice would you give yourself and others?

Don’t be a fool.  You know, diabetes and high blood pressure they’re still out there.  Your room for failure is minimal, outside of the fact that I just feel better.  And I’m not going to say I’ve been an angel so, I mean, going through this process you’ve had – you know, there’s been hills and valleys and those valleys you just feel bad and then when you’re like, ah, okay, this is the way I feel.  This is the way I deserve to feel!



Craig and Atha of McKinney Talk About Couples Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching During Post-Program Interview


What caused you to look for a health and fitness solution?

Craig: We went to Disney World and decided we were out of shape walking around so we’re like, let’s start working out.  I reached a plateau, we were both trying to lose weight and I was trying to gain some strength.

Atha: That’s true.  We have a five-year-old daughter who we’ve been couch potatoes for, I guess our whole 14-year marriage basically and we didn’t want to be a couch potato for her so we needed to get up and get moving.


Why Elect Wellness?

Craig: We had a Christian background and that enticed us and also the three free sessions which gave us an opportunity to meet the trainer and…

Atha: Because we were really nervous about what it was like to have somebody come and exercise with you and not know them.


What did you notice first from your training?

Craig: My energy level is insanely better since I started training it’s just unbelievable what it’s done for a lot of aspects in our lives.  Tom brought our intensity to who other level.

Atha: I really didn’t.  I thought I didn’t but I didn’t know what intensity was.

Craig: That was another thing especially with Atha, helped with form and preventing injury and stuff.  Atha’s come a long way in four of my exercises and it’s really helped her.


How many calories are you burning now during your 45 minute workout?

Usually in the 7 to 800 calorie range so much, much better than what I used to do.  I probably was in the 2 or 300 calorie range workout.


How has in-home training helped?

Atha: It’s very convenient, it’s the hours, you know, the scheduling of the appointments were very good and it’s nice not to have to go to a gym especially when we worked out before we joined Elect Wellness but we didn’t really alter it.  I didn’t really know what I was doing so, I mean, to go to a – I would have never went to a gym and tried to work out in front of people.  It’s nice to work out at home.  No need for childcare.  We don’t have to do anything.  She just plays in the comfort of her own home and comes and joins in, watches, and she’s actually, she’s five, and she started working out with us so she’s a real inspiration and our trainer when its Tom’s off day. So hopefully it will stick with her as she grows up.


What improvements have you noticed?

I feel better, not as tired and lethargic as I have been in the past.  I’ve gotten quite a bit of weight off so that’s helped out a lot.  I have muscles I haven’t had before.

Craig: Absolutely.  I agree with everything she said, heart rates coming way down from around 90 to low 70’s approximately now so it’s a big help with me.  Also, I kicked the nicotine habit, Tom helped me with that, just having the accountability and that’s been a 25-year habit so in some for nicotine gum, nicotine patch, it doesn’t matter.

Atha: Yeah!

Craig: So that’s awesome, it’s been three months and a couple of weeks, no nicotine!  Yeah, he took my patches so I wouldn’t have that threat sitting over there on the counter.

Atha: I’ve lost inches so that’s nice. New clothes fit better.  So from a 16 to a 12 or a ten somewhere in the last year so it’s been very nice to be able to get down to – I weigh what I weighed when I got married.


What about your nutrition?

We started last year, spring-ish, doing it on our own and we went into diet mode because I didn’t know really how to eat because especially as a female you just go, don’t eat anything or eat no fat and so when we first was trying to eat fat I didn’t – I couldn’t find fat because I didn’t want to eat fat.  So I mean, but the balanced diet and nutrition has been tremendous.  You’re held accountable for everything that you eat by doing a daily food log.  They track it with you and give you feedback on what are you eating or why.  They don’t tell you exactly what to eat or not to eat something they give you suggestions and choices of what to put in its place.

But, they do – it’s not a diet plan.  They allow you to pretty much eat freely without feeling too much pressure but then you just get it to yourself that you want to do good and have good numbers.


Has your own nutrition coaching helped your daughter as well?

Olivia, she gets our eating habits and things.  I mean, she’ll make – she’ll say she made a good choice or she’ll say, this is a poor choose when she chooses her options.

Craig: Today she wanted pizza and without saying pizza she said, I have a bad choice.  I said, we’re going to go to lunch, I have a bad choice, pizza.  So she’s…

Atha: I mean, she’s knowing the difference, I mean that’s one that the she…

Craig: She’s more aware of nutrition.  Yep, he’s our food navigator, our nutrition navigator and we call him TomTom.


What would you say to someone considering Elect Wellness?

Atha: You should do it because if we can do it and stick with it then anybody would be able to do that and it’s actually brought us closer together.


What would you want to tell yourself when you feel like quitting?

It’s – I mean, it’s not worth it because we’ve come this far and for our daughter I just can’t sit on the couch and do nothing and have her grow up that way or have us not be around for her when she needs it the most.

Craig: It feels awesome.  It feels awesome!


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